Friday, June 29, 2007

Home From Hell

OK so maybe I was only in Hell, Grand Cayman,
and you would think I would grow tired of it, but
I find it rather amusing still to say.
It was a rather lovely HOT week spent visiting
my friend Wolfgang down there.
He and two others (Jenn and Greg) share a condo
right on the beach of 7 Mile Beach. My days were
not really super busy, as they all worked during the
days, so I spent my time on the beach. I'd read, listen
to music, swim, read, swim, walk, sleep.. it was a
rather stressful week I tell you. On a few days I'd
walk downtown Georgetown and meet up with them
for lunch.
Highlights of the trip for sure were going swimming
with and feeding the stingrays... visiting the turtle
farm...winning a contest at Margaritaville...dancing
up a storm with the locals...finishing a couple new
books...cigar shopping for expensive cigars for my
friend Troy... and of course, trying to find a turtle
figurine to bring back..(I try to find one unique to each
country I travel to)
So I am home now (Obviously) and I had amazing
weather the entire time down there. I am told it was
crap weather for two weeks before I got there and I
was told in an email it has become crap again with rain
everyday since I left.. Looks like I picked the perfect
So now I have a week off here in Saint John... I'm
relaxing, doing some more reading, playing some
scrabble with Adam (he is up 2-1) and watching my
beautiful tan fade away.

Next stop - my sisters Amie and Bess are flying in
next week... should be a fun time!

Wolfgang dropping me off at the airport on my way home.
Perhaps that photos should be at the end!

The view from the condo living room.. A random photo of me getting ready to go swim with the
This photo cracks me up! Stingray time.. this was an amazing time after I got used to them
rubbing up against my legs like cats before they got the food
from my hands. Look they are even nice enough to let me hold

I love turtles.. even if down there they eat them!

All in all a great fun, relaxed, much needed vacation!
Thank you Wolfy, Jenn and Greg

Monday, June 11, 2007

Kites flying High...Spirits Soaring!

Its been a wonderful two weeks, and I have found myself
doing things I have not done in a LONG time, or ever for
that matter. Last weekend I went flying a kite. I know that
may sound so normal, but really, truly, I cannot remember
the last time I flew a kite of any sort, let alone a stunt kite.
The first couple crashes were a huge indication I had never flown
a stunt kite before.
Tidby is a great lover of photos, and has thus created evidence
that I did eventually learn how to fly the kite! Thanks Tidby!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

So my life has taken another rather interesting turn.
Most people who are in my life already know by now
that I am no longer getting married. It has been
hard in a lot of ways with a million different emotions
going through me on almost any given day.
I'm much happier now in
many ways, but there are certain emotions of guilt
and sadness... just to name a few.

HOWEVER, I have been so very lucky to make a new
set of friends here in my own city of Saint John.
I was out at a Jimmy Swift Band concert and was
introduced to Tidby by my friend Bruce.. the rest they
say is history. It is a wonderful blessing to find people
with whom I just connect and so very much enjoy.
So since then it has been a great time trespassing on
Patridge Island exploring the old tunnels and such
from the war days (using a light sabre as a form of
flashlight - see photos).. a couple of bonfires with a great
group of people. Plenty of great and deep hammock
chats... great meals cooked for me... and more laughs
than I think I've ever had in such a short span.
Tomorrow I plan to fly a kite with Tidby....

So all of this has got me thinking about how important
friends are in our lives. Outside of family they are
hopefully those who we create so many wonderful
memories with. I have been lucky to have some really
great friends thus far along my life. They may not be
huge in numbers, but they have been deeply important
in my life. I welcome these new friends who from the
very first moment never judged me, made me laugh and
welcomed me with open arms into their circle of friends.

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not
born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a
new world is born." - Anais Nin

Tidby being the wonderful "geek" that he is!! Love this pic

Andrew and I talking religion... and the meaning of life

One of the crawl spaces and tunnel areas - fun days

Sweet photo by Tidby.. with Andrew on the left and Greg on
the right.. I'm in there in the back and so is Wilson.
Can you say GEEKS R US??