Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Entryway Make Over - Ty Pennington Who???

OK so, MAYBE I don't have the skills that Ty has, but I also don't have the staff and the tools, but I am happy with my entry way make over.  Yes, I did EVERYTHING by myself.
My husband was gone this week for meetings with the teachers Union in Fredericton, so I had double duty of babies during the day/night and I managed to get mostly all of this finished to surprise my husband when he came home.  I love my husband, but we both know I am the handy one of the two of us, and I love doing handy things... So... One of the last rooms to have a MUCH needed facelift...  There are still a couple things I need to add to the room including a vinyl quote for the wall... I had to take photos right away because we all know it is not going to stay looking to neat and tidy, but I am very HAPPY with the results and so is everyone who comes through!

Here are some before shots!

Yes it was a 1970's wood panel look with a cute ironing board closet!
On the right is where we would hang out coats...
This photo does not show our washer and dryer but everything else was just about the same with colours and I had still not taken down the lace window treatments.

So.. here is the new and improved room!  I smile every time I come in the room now!

Need to figure out what picture to put in the cute frame I found to match the letters for our first names.  I almost found enough for the family but they did not have any "R" left for Ruby so I opted to get just the two for Adam and I!  I LOVE them and put them in the old ironing board closet!

SO there it is everyone!  It was A LOT of work and I did it mostly all at night when the babies went to bed and a few things while I had a friend over so I could go down to the "shed" to use the table saw to cut the trip and the wainscotting.  I had A LOT of fun and now it is just to decide what QUOTE to put above the coat hooks..
ANY IDEAS of what it should say?????

Monday, February 15, 2010

Think before You Speak...PLEASE!

I briefly mentioned that the girls had their 9 month (adjusted) follow up at from the NICU last week and everything is great.. Charlotte is off the charts and Ruby is right where she should be... I just have to tell this little story because not only did it make me slightly fume, it made me laugh telling my husband of it later.

So I was getting in the elevator with my long beautiful red/black double stroller that I heart, when another lady, and a couple got on the elevator with me.  Of COURSE I get the usual questions I sometimes wonder why people ask, like "are they twins???" YES - You must have your hands full?  - YES (both of them I always answer)... Then the woman by her self asked another usual question and this is how it went down.

Lady - "Are these your first children"

Me - "YES"

Lady - "Well that's good, at least that way it is EASY because you don't know any different"

Me - "Do you have any children?"

Lady - "Yes, just one!"

Me - "Was THAT EASY??"

Lady - "ummmm"

Other couple - "laugh laugh laugh"

Nothing else was said, but sometimes I have to wonder if people really think before they speak....
Add this one to the list of "You did not just say that to me" comments while out with the twins!

That is right up there with the lady in the grocery store asking me if I was buying the canned mandarine slices for the babies (I think they were like 5 months), and when I said No - She said good because she has 5 children and she knows they are too young for that and I looked quite young so wanted to pass that along -  Seriously?  Seriously???


Friday, February 12, 2010

Feeling Nostalgic

So I have been watching the girls grow so fast and we had our NICU follow up a couple days ago and it made me very nostalgic for the little tiny bundles that really did nothing but cuddle and sleep!
Do not get me wrong, they are a lot easier (not easy) now that they can move about on their own and feed themselves and play with each other, but oh they were so little!

Check out their first diapers at the NICU compared to their diapers now! (another plug for applecheeks) Look how they have grown!!!
Oh so tiny, oh so grateful they are healthy and happy little girls!
(I have to remind myself that because they are far from adorable little girls today!)

What are you thankful for today??

Ruby's Foot

Day one with Charlotte before going into her incubator 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Ultimate Question

I have been SERIOUSLY struggling with a major decision lately.  I am struggling with the fact that my maternity leave is up soon and my return to WORK date is MARCH 22nd.  Three days after the girls real birthday and 2 months before the adjusted one year mark.  

I have been going through option after option in my head trying to make sense of everything and trying to predict the future (which I have determined is really hard by the way)!

Do I go back to work, do I stay home, so I go back to work, do I quit???  Over and over again at least every hour I run the scenarios through my head until the all get jumbled up together and I have to start all over again the next hour.

First off I have to say that I have applied for an extended leave, and that was denied due to man power requirements.  I have also had a request in for part time since before I went out on Maternity leave, that too is not going to happen for a while.  SO I have done everything before I return to work to allow myself to not go back to work right away for full time.

For those of you who are followers of my blog and not from my immediate area of Eastern Canada, day care here for TWO one years olds is around 125/175 per week PER CHILD!  So my husband and I could look forward to paying between 1000/1400 for child care per month.  The day cares closest to us in Millidgeville are all 175/week per child and it goes down as the children get older... 

Now before any of you jump at me, I realize there are many women out there who work and pay day care for multiple children and I tip my hat to those of you who do.

Here are my options in my head.... PICK ONE for me.. I'd like to say that which ever one gets the most votes is what I am going to pick, but lets face it I fear I am going to make the decision on the 22nd of March after my first day back at work.

Here are my options

1.  QUIT work - simple sounding isn't it?  It really isn't!  After 13 years with the same company of Air Canada I have grown accustom to traveling for next to nothing and having a regular pay cheque and a social life revolving around my work friends.  A great pension I have been paying into and wonderful benefits system (though my husband has a great one too so that is not as important)

2. Go BACK to WORK 
      a.  Go back to work full time and work my rotating schedule of days/afternoons/evenings/nights and have the babies full time at day care and I will get to see them some days and some not.
      b.  Go back to work full time and work all evenings and not have pay for day care as my husband can be home from his teaching job at 4pm and I can go into work at 4pm (It is up the street) and work until midnight and take care of the girls during the day and see my husband on the weekends (when I have them off) but Remember ZERO day care costs... 

      c.  Go back to work for a few months until my husband is off for the summer and then quit and have the summer off with him and the girls and worry about tomorrow - tomorrow??

3.  Quit right now and take two children into my own home as their daycare and make up most of the difference from my pay cheque verses the cost of day care!  (note would not have summer off with husband and babies)

4.  Quit right now... do nothing until September and take a couple kids in at that point!!

5.  Quit (I see a theme) and apply at the new Costco to work part time (assuming I would get hired)

6.  Finally the last option... Go back to work... try it out and if I hate it.. QUIT and figure it out at that point...

Do you SEE why I am so confused..???
My husband is supportive of whatever I choose to do.  Honestly he does not want me to go back to work but sees the financial benefit of doing so.  I do not need to work at Air Canada, but I do need to do something to bring in some money each month to help pay my student loans (yeah still) and pay down our overall debt load.  

HELP PLEASE! (I also take suggestions)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Perhaps the most beautiful ever

If you are wanting to read one of the most beautiful birth stories ever, please go over to this blog and get out your tissues and enjoy the long, but beautiful story.  Trust me you will not regret taking the time to do so.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


I WISH I had more time to take photos, or learn to take better photos of just about anything, but seeing how my life right now revolves around my family, and especially the twins all day long, I thought I would post a couple more photos of them.
I TRIED to get decent shots of both of them, but for some reason Ruby was much more willing to sit still and pose for me.  One of these days we will get professional photos taken of the family, but for now, my amateur photography will have to do!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010



Also, through the Multiples and More  website, I stumbled across a MAN who is doing a blog about top 10 for men at this site  !  He has only begun but his intro is quite funny and having twins myself, I laugh because my husband would go around exercising with the twins.  I can't wait to see what his next top ten will be and how I can apply it to my man!  So for all you women out there who have men in your lives... this blog is for them (but it can't hurt if we read it too, be sure to read his Top Ten Things This Blog Won't Be entry... at least I thought it was funny!