Monday, May 31, 2010

Dancing Babies

Just a small little video of my girls.. (Yes I do have a life outside of them, but me dancing around my living room is not quite as cute as them)

They absolutely LOVE "The Backyardigans" We do not let the girls watch a lot of TV, but when they do watch it, normally a show right after breakfast and then perhaps one in the cranky hour before bed, it is the same show over and over again. I have tried to get them to watch a different episode and after the intro which they LOVE, they loose interest and try to get the remote to change which episode it is.

So here is a little video of my girls bouncing (on my folded massage table) to the intro to their favourite show.

What are your children's favourite show????

Friday, May 28, 2010

Attempted Photoshoot

I have come to the conclusion that trying to get my twins to sit still for a "twin" photo shoot is almost impossible. They will sit still and smile for the camera if it is just one of them, but try to put the two of them together - IMPOSSIBLE! Today was beautiful out, but with a slightly cool breeze off the ocean and some cloud coverage. So I thought maybe I would try my hand at getting a few new photos of the girls. The sweet little dresses I put on them for the photos were ones we got at Christmas time for them (I could not resist them) and they have only really worn them a handful of times and figured they were going to be too small for them before the cooler weather rolls around again.

So here is my feeble attempt at taking photos of my girls. Please note and remember, I am NOT a photographer... Though I love my camera, I really do not know how to use it! There are so many functions on it, and I would love to learn how to be a much better photographer, or one at all, but for now... I want to keep capturing my ever growing girls. One of these days we will get a professional to take some photos for an updated wall photo!

Please forgive me because there are a lot of photos.. There was a run of photos I just had to post!

As a side note, we rarely dress them the same and when we do, we always try to have something unique on each one of them.  It is not hard to pick out which one Ruby is in these photos... Her little red shoes are going to be something I think she will always have!

PS for anyone who does not know (and it took me a while to figure out) you can click on the picture to make it bigger... I know - I was probably the last person in the blogging world to figure that out!

Now Charlotte was more than happy to be in the cute rocking chair (which happened to be my husbands when he was little) but wait until Ruby was the one in the chair!!

Ruby trying to get her to leave the chair alone!

Charlotte deciding she was getting up in the chair regardless if Ruby was still in it!

My girls are so much fun and though they always keep me busy, they always keep me happy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 Things

10 Things I think are OVERPRICED!

1. Pregnancy tests
2. Feminine products
3. Toilet Paper
4. Diamonds
5. Car seats
6. Cars
7. Canadian cell phone plans
8. Good Running shoes
9. Baby Formula
10. Diapers (though I cloth diaper mostly)

Anyone agree.. disagree? Have their own to add to the list??
Next week I will post the most common results from my comments. Which means though that you will have to comment.. I will even say who the idea came from and linky link to your own blog! I have been having so much fun blog surfing and made me realize my blog is so insignificant out there, but I will still plug away at it since I have been terrible at journaling!

So do share with me what you think is seriously overpriced!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Before any of your freak out and get excited thinking that the title of this post has anything to do with me being currently pregnant and surprising you all, you will be seriously disappointed. I have one year old twins!! I do not wish for another baby just yet!

What today IS though, is my actual due date when my sweet little MoMo twins were due!

I just learned of a couple in Nove Scotia who sadly lost their MoMo Twins (at different times throughout the pregnancy) and it reaffirms just how blessed we were! The rarity and risk of the type of twins we have made me extend my arm of friendship to other mothers out there going through the same thing and when we learn of their trials, it deeply reminds me that having the girls screaming their heads off as they bang on the door at 7am to go outside is not a trial, but a blessing in those moments, because we have them with us to drive us crazy.

Life is so fragile and so delicate.

So today while I was out running a few errands and I got the usual slightly annoying, highly repetitive questions about wether or not the girls are twins (and then asked today after saying yes) being asked if they are Sisters, instead of giving them a "are you serious" face, I answered with much conviction... YES they are sisters and each others best friend already!

As I type this little post and listen to the girls waking up and laughing with each other and talking their own little language, my heart is filled and spilling over with the love I never knew I was capable of giving and receiving from them. Though they are constant work (like any children) and they test every ounce of patience I have, they are here... they are ours and they are healthy and beautiful, and for that, no matter how many late nights there were, no matter how many nights I spent in the hospital before they came, no matter how many trips to the hospital daily for 2 months we made after they were here, nothing clouds over my joy I feel when they snuggle into my arms and lay their head on my shoulder giving me a hug while saying "awww"... Awe is right, I am in awe at how blessed my life continues to be.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Multiples and more Question of the week

The Question of the week is
"What is the craziest thing someone has ever said to you about your multiples and how did you respond?"

I asked my husband what he thought about this and the things he has been asked as well and boy do we have a few.. I can refer you to a few of my previous posts about annoying things people have said and done, and I can refer to the stupid thoughtless things people have said, but I think the craziest it has ever
gotten with the twins is one day while in Walmart (and I noticed as I read some others that they took place in Walmart!) the girls were tired, but I had some things  I needed to do, and they normally go to sleep without much fussing, but today they were fighting it! Ruby was already asleep and Charlotte was giving it a good attempt to get me to pick her up and snuggle!  Most of us multiple moms know that it really is hard to hold a baby and push a double stroller, let alone setting a precedence for them to know crying gets me to pick them up.  So she cried, not long it was maybe two minutes into her crying and this woman comes over and starts to try to pick up Charlotte from her stroller.. 


I abruptly asked the woman what she thought she was doing, and she responded with
"If you are just going to ignore your child, than someone needs to pick her up"...

I just about lost it!
Seriously, there could have been a little brawl in the baby food aisle of Walmart!  I told her (and I still can't believe I did) that if she went near my child again I would call security on her!  Who does she think she is trying to pick up some strangers baby without asking and without warning!  I asked her if she had any children, she said YES - 5!  I asked her if her babies ever cried - she said YES.. I asked her if they ever died from crying... Yes, I really did! Then I put down what I was doing and left before I wanted to run her over with my beautiful massive double stroller that I deeply "heart"!

On a side note.. the comment that normally made me fume the most was the constant question of "Are they your first?"  When I would answer yes, people would always, always say... "Well thats good.. at least that way it is EASY (though sometimes they would say easier)  because you don't know what it is like to have just one"!

To you parents of triplets or more... My hat goes off to you... 

Friday, May 21, 2010

What I have been doing!

What I have NOT been doing is being very good at blogging!  What I HAVE been doing most days that it does not rain is chasing after these two sweet monsters!

(I know - we need to mow our lawn - it is being done today!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

Actually, sunshine makes my twins happy and they LOVE being outside.  Just this morning at 7am they were at the door knocking on it wanting to go outside already.  It unfortunately is not really warm enough to enjoy outside at 7am yet here, so they will have to be content for a few more weeks staying inside and playing with mommy!

Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon which we spent outside enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine.  The girls are getting better with leaving their hats on and are very willing to let me put on sunscreen (it is like they somehow figured out Mommy does not worry about our hats as much when they have it on) and they would sleep outside I am sure if I figured out a way for them to be able to do that.  I am very grateful they love being outside and we will spend a lot of time outside this summer playing or at our pool.

I was eager to take some photos of the girls yesterday in the beautiful sunshine, but I think a few minutes into it one of them put their fingers on my lens and I never realized it.  Most of my best shots have a "smudge" mark on them which you will be able to see, but I am posting them anyway.  Maybe today I will try again as I am sure we will be heading out anytime after they wake up!

Our girls are growing up so fast!  Charlotte took 8 steps in a row yesterday.. starting and stopping and Ruby is very proud of her two steps.. I know it is cute to see them "walking" but I certainly am not looking forward to running after them that much more!

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment...

Charlotte crawling away to try to eat more dirt!

Ruby- Giving me the - Seriously Mom - the hat again look!

Ruby - doing one of her favourite things, reading a book! (sorry for the terrible smudge)

Charlotte - look all crazy and cute

What would have been a great photo of Ruby - Minus the smudges

People always say how little hair the girls have, but I don't see it that way! (Notice the cloth diapers on my clothesline.. oh I love the sunshine!)


Monday, May 10, 2010

{Top 10} Make Me Cry Movie Moments!

So a blog I follow - Busy Bee Lauren has been doing a week long of top tens.  I however, have not been doing that but decided to join her in her latest one.. Top 10 things which make me cry - like every time!

I was not sure if I could find 10 because lets face it - I never cry!! OK, I know I joke, but most my my crying involved movies, songs, TV shows, or babies!

So I have decided to go for the movie moments!

 1.  Pride and Prejudice - picking only one spot in the "movie" it terribly difficult because I LOVE LOVE the entire A&E 6 hour version!  If you have only watched the newer version and loved it, I highly suggest you watch the true 6 hours of it!

 2.  Forrest Gump - Plenty of times through the movie but the ending when he is talking to Jenny's Grave is one of the most touching moments in movie history (IMO)

 3.  She's Having a Baby - Plenty of people probably have not seen this movie, and let me be honest not the worlds greatest movie, but I LOVE it.. and anyone with any type of heart would cry at some points in this movie! (keep in mind 1988 movie folks!)

 4.  Charly - A Mormon Made movie that would touch the heart of anyone who has ever loved or hoped to love!  (Just adding this clip makes me cry)

 5. Dead Poet's Society - If you have not seen it, please watch it!  This is one of my favourite scenes from the movie - actually pretty much anyones favourite scene who has seen the movie!

 6.  Gladiator - Perhaps the ending scene is not the one I should use, but I love the music.. This movie does not only make me cry because it is sad and beautiful, but because it is movie brilliance..

 7.  Anne of Green Gables - It is hard to find a good video of Anne of Green Gables - and I don't have the time to upload one of my own, so I will post two!  One of the scenes which breaks my heart every time when Gilbert says "please say yes" and the other is a good mix of scenes from their "journey"

 8.  Busy Bee Lauren and I have this one in common!  Sense and Sensibility - I am a mess by the end of the movie and really - I laugh sometimes because I cry as much as she does and I KNOW I would be in the same lack of control of my emotions!

 9.  Message in a Bottle - Nicholas Sparks - Enough Said really!  The ending of this movie breaks my heart in two every time... I do not know why I torture myself with it really... (it ends before she finishes the letter so watch clip 14 too!)

10. What list would not be complete without Notting Hill -

Saturday, May 08, 2010

10 Things I love about today

1.  The twins are in bed and it is 713

2.  Taking the twins grocery shopping - they LOVE sitting in the cart side by side and looking at everything (though when we went by the bananas it was a bit of a scene with them wanting one ASAP!)

3.  Charlotte taking 5 steps today - 2 and stopping and staying standing up and 3 more!

4.  Ruby actually attempting to walk and when standing up so still - SO PROUD

5.  Listening to my husband and Jazzy bake cookies in her Easy Bake Oven - Oh how I love him

6.  Watching GLEE with my husband while everyone slept - (he actually thinks it is funny)

7.  Treating myself to Brie cheese and French Baguette

8.  Fitting into my jeans comfortably (though not my favourite jeans yet)

9.  Putting together my Mothers Day gift for my Mom

10.Wearing my Ruby ballet shoes today ( I heart them)