Friday, October 19, 2007

My first attempt

So I am putting together a nice group of photos which will
eventually end up on my wall in the frameless frames I picked
up at Ikea. I finally got my hands on a copy of Adobe Photoshop
and have been playing around with a few of the photos I am
intending to use. It is fun, though not as easy as I thought it would
be, especially as I am have zero training or practice using the

Here is my first attempt and removing unwanted "things"
from a picture.

Friday, October 12, 2007

House Update, Me update

It has been a little over 2 weeks since I have been in my
new place.

Since moving in I have -

- Painted a lot more hours than I thought I would..
- Got a new cat/kitten (stray)
- Made my first mortgage payment
- Purchased a new amazing bed
- Purchased a new fridge
- Purchased a new TV
- Purchased a new Table (still looking for chairs I love)
- Planted flowers for the first time in a LONG time
- Was scared to death by raccoons on my front steps
- Been on vacation
- Started major recycling
- Been to the Doctor
- Blood work to find out why I am so tired and cold all the time
- Major hair cut
- Been enjoying watching the leaves change colour
- neglected my emails
- Started working out again
- Put together a toy box for Jasmine (Adam's Daughter)
- Celebrated Thanksgiving day

I have been enjoying being on vacation for the past week and have
been able to get a lot of things accomplished.
Chance (the kitten) has been great company, though today he ran into
the house with a new friend in his mouth. We called him Chance
because the day I took possession of my home I was talking to my
friends about how I might get a cat and walking out of a store he was
sitting there crying playing in the parking lot. None of us could leave
him there, so we took him to Adams place for the week until I was
able to get some painting finished... Called animal rescue but no one
claimed him, so he is mine. He is a sweet cat and very affectionate..

Things are going well with the new house. My neighbours have been
very friendly, stopping by to say hello while I was digging out the
ground box which was filled with weeds (took me almost three hours).
My immediate neighbour brought me over a welcome gift and some
fresh hand grown catnip for Chance.

Its been amazing weather - though today it is pouring rain

All in all, I have been working hard, spending more money than I
should be, and really just enjoying life.

My new TV
My living room colour - lemongrass

My bedroom colours - hot chocolate and something blue
My kitchen/dining room colour - cornsilk
The Blue Boxes
My backyard - need some 'love'
My "window box" - spring will tell me if I have any green thumb
The friend Chance wanted me to see - he was very proud
My new 6 1/2 foot table.. yeah I need those new chairs