Friday, July 16, 2010

Pictures instead of a Post

I have been seriously lazy lately posting.. actually, nothing all that interesting going on and we have been spending most days outside which means less time for me sitting here at the computer while the girls play and even today I do not feel much like posting.
The British Open Golf is on in the back ground and the girls are busy pulling all their cloth diapers out of the basket over and over again.

So instead of a true post, how about a couple cute photos! (a couple of which are not in perfect focus but getting photos at all of these girls is an accomplishment)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Mommy Message

Because regardless of what each of us mothers believe... This is something I think we can all stand to hear... especially on days like I have had today!

Friday, July 02, 2010

I used to love Shoe Shopping

I cannot say that I have a lot to post about lately. My mind seems to just be all over the place and I cannot seem to find the time to sit down and write a decent blog entry.

However, most people love pictures of cute twin girls... and I happen to have cute twin girls!

The twins are walking everywhere and I am surprised that they do not care where they are walking be it on the grass, on the deck, on the pavement or in the house WITHOUT shoes on. Normally they never wore shoes outside, sometimes Robeezs but normally just bare feet because they did not walk. Now that they are, we were in desperate need to find them some harder soled shoes. Off I went with them (because I really needed to try them on because I had no idea what size honestly)...

After a few melt downs of me trying to shove different shoes on the girls and letting them down to try them out and then torturing them by putting them back in the wagon I decided on a couple pair of little Ked slip ons. I got two pair of the same so in case we loose one, we will at least still have a set! Charlotte was having a great time tonight trying them out. It was very cute because she would step REALLY high with each step and look back and me and her feet and smile with her new shoes. I am for sure going to need a few other pair of shoes, but at least their little toes will not be all beat up and bleeding (yes I am a terrible mom sometimes)... There are SO many cute shoes out there but I cannot rationalize spending 25-30 $ on a pair of shoes they will wear for a few months - especially when I have to purchase 2 sets of each of them!

So what are you favourite first shoes for your children?