Friday, July 16, 2010

Pictures instead of a Post

I have been seriously lazy lately posting.. actually, nothing all that interesting going on and we have been spending most days outside which means less time for me sitting here at the computer while the girls play and even today I do not feel much like posting.
The British Open Golf is on in the back ground and the girls are busy pulling all their cloth diapers out of the basket over and over again.

So instead of a true post, how about a couple cute photos! (a couple of which are not in perfect focus but getting photos at all of these girls is an accomplishment)


The Full Nelson said...

very cute! They are getting so big!

Aspiring Napper said...

OOOH! They are cute!

Let the party begin... said...

Your girls are sooooooo rocking those hats...too cute!

JMay said...

Ok first of all...your kids are so precious.

I randomly came across your blog & saw that we have the same name and this makes you freaking cool ;-)

珮鄧韋 said...
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