Friday, August 06, 2010

What I Have Been Up To!

I have been a total blog slacker these past few weeks and well I have no other excuse except I am lazy and do not really feel like I did anything all that excited to post about except last week, so I am posting now bullet form!

= Hanging out with these sweet girlies

= Adam went to Edmonton for 4 nights for a Canadian Teacher Conference and I had PLENTY of these girls, but I love them!

= Went to Denver for a Scentsy Convention = oh it was CRAZY over 6000 people together under one roof all who love Scentsy and work for Scentsy... it was seriously nuts but a lot of fun!  I got to spend some great time with my sister Amie  and meet some great new people and get to know some on my team even better.  The trip was not without drama and sometimes I will never figure out why people choose to be the way they are but I had a wonderful time and had lots of laughs and am VERY excited for the new Scentsy Products coming out in September!

= We also held an event at our home on Monday August 2nd for CHAT to the Future and we had a nice turnout and got some great matches.. Check out the site and the sweet sweet African orphans who showed so much spirit singing to us via skype.  We had a few more matches and some great memories for those here.  I did a fundraiser which is still going from Scentsy, so if you are looking to get some great products and donate to a great cause email me to be part of the fundraiser or look at the website and sign up for the newsletter - anyone who signs up for the newsletter I will donate 2$ plus 100% of my commission for any purchases.. my email is
If you are also interested in sponsoring an orphan it is 300$ a year and you get LOTS of photos and updates and the opportunity to personally skype with your child.. Email me if you would like more info or send a facebook message to the group and my husband will help you out!

On the right is Glorious the 8 year old that Adam and I have "adopted" within the 130 orphans from the Orphanage.  The money goes to the entire group but the contact is personal!

Gerald the director of the Orphanage and National Representative for Youth in his district shown here with most of the children in their most recent gift from some Swedish Visitors - CLOTHES!
Check them out CHAT To The Future on facebook or their Basic Blog getting started at

= Honestly it has been a busy but somewhat relaxing summer here in the McKim household and I can't believe we only have three more weeks until Adam goes back to work and until I have my after school children to make up for me quitting work!

The girls are starting to fuss around my feet and I should get their supper ready!

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The Full Nelson said...

I can hardly believe it's already August and summer is almost over! Sounds like a busy but fun summer!