Tuesday, September 26, 2006


SO.. now that I have moved into my new apartment, and I have to
admit I absolutely love my new apartment. However, an opportunity
has come up for me to take a leave of absence for 6 months.
With that, I have decided to move to Calgary. I am not completely
sure where I am going to be working, and I do have a place to stay
to start with... this shall be an adventure for sure. I will admit
I am slightly nervous, but slowly getting a little bit excited.
So if anyone has any friends in Calgary, that need another friend,
do drop me a note as I am sort of going out there blindly (though
being led by a friend, thank you Aaron).
Life is all about taking risks and chances...so here I am, you
never know what opportunites are just around "the corner" or
in the case below.. around my shoulder.

Monday, September 18, 2006


So I have returned to the fall colours of New Brunswick at just
the right time but I had a great trip down to Utah to see family
and friends.
Here are a few worthy mentions...
- having my flight into SLC cancelled because President Bush
had the air space closed
- My first real AJC Hug (highly recommend one)
- Sidewalk chalk drawing with my niece Harriett (she tells me I
am a much better drawer than her mom.. as you can see it is

- Spending so much time with family
- Watching my brother play a golf tournament
- Driving through the mountains alone
- "Spain" being in town - yummy
- Getting to play my own golf.. getting my golf bag carried by someone :)
- Beating that certain someone in golf
- Playing golf yet again up in the mountains... GPS golf carts rule
- Dinner with the "guys" and hot red shoes
- HEY DAVE Political debate
- Barely getting beat in bowling, and then winning at pool...not sure how
- Fresh Tomatoes from my sisters Garden
- Baby Ben falling asleep in my arms more than once
- Brian's First "going to church" experience
- My new love/hate relationship with the movie "The Notebook"
- Speed Scrabble
- Guess who sings this song (I think we were tied)
- Lots and lots of giggles...

Now that I am back here in Canada... do not forget about me!