Tuesday, September 26, 2006


SO.. now that I have moved into my new apartment, and I have to
admit I absolutely love my new apartment. However, an opportunity
has come up for me to take a leave of absence for 6 months.
With that, I have decided to move to Calgary. I am not completely
sure where I am going to be working, and I do have a place to stay
to start with... this shall be an adventure for sure. I will admit
I am slightly nervous, but slowly getting a little bit excited.
So if anyone has any friends in Calgary, that need another friend,
do drop me a note as I am sort of going out there blindly (though
being led by a friend, thank you Aaron).
Life is all about taking risks and chances...so here I am, you
never know what opportunites are just around "the corner" or
in the case below.. around my shoulder.


Adopted Bluth said...

My family is actually from Alberta so of all the Provinces (sp?) your probably moving to the best. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well what you got to lose since you have the LOA..good for you. Good luck with your adventure.Hey,give me a shout when when pass thru YTO.