Thursday, January 28, 2010

At least I am priority over the CAT

So the girls have a deep fascination with the CAT.
I would venture to say they obsessed with the CAT.
He really is a great cat and so good with letting the babies crawl around and chase him around the room and not even mind when they make their attempt at petting him, and they give him a good boink on the kitty cat head of his.  Watching how excited they get is very CUTE!

They have taken such a love for the cat they even decided to start saying CAT every time they see the cat or we mention the word cat.. It is very cute to hear them talk.  Ruby pronounces the "ca" very softly and then comes the much more significant "T" sound..

I love my girls and am very happy that as much as they love saying the word CAT, they still love saying Momma more!

Here are a couple of IPhone shots of the cat Chance!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NOT so cute anymore (updated)

As cute as it has been that Charlotte is now standing up in her crib, it is no longer cute as she has not figured out how to get down from the standing position...
SO.... during her naps and for her night time sleep, she gets up and has fun standing up and then starts crying because she can't figure out how to get down... NOT FUN!

Anyone have the same problem or know how I can keep her from standing up???
It is becoming a major issue when Ruby falls asleep right away and Charlotte is a stand up - Mommy goes in and gets her down - Stand up - Mommy goes in and gets her down until she is just REALLY too tired to stand up anymore.  NOT loving this new ability!

OK to UPDATE I figured out a way to prevent her from being able to stand up in her crib.. I put socks on her hands.. She does not seem to mind them at all, and at least she goes to sleep with Ruby.
During the day tomorrow we are going to have to do lots of practicing of standing up and sitting down.
She is so very proud of herself for standing up so I feel bad about the socks, but she needs the sleep more, and frankly, so do I!

Monday, January 25, 2010

What I learned today...

This is what I walked into when we went to get the babies up from their nap. Thankfully I had lowered the cribs bottoms this past week.
We have NEVER, seen either of the girls even try to pull themselves up on anything.  I guess they were waiting until that had a nice comfortable crash mat!

Our beautiful little girls are growing up!

(oh and for any of you wondering where I got the vinyl lettering for the girls names it would be HERE)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Multiples and more Question of the week! Naming Twins

How did you choose your multiples' names?
Honestly this was not as hard as it should have been. I made a list of names I really loved and liked and my husband put his input into the list and then I picked one and he picked one. Though we both had to agree on the names, it turned out to be quite easy!

Did you stick with family names?
We actually did not stick to family names for their first names, but middle names were family names, but names we both still liked.

How do you feel about "match" names?
Without trying to insult anyone who did this, it was not for us. I think a big part of it for us was that we were having identical girls, we figured they would look identical, they did not need to have similar names.
Personally I think it is cute when they are little, and not so much when they get older!

Did you worry about their names "coordinating"?
We wanted the names to sound nice together, but coordinate as in old and new or anything like that, no!

Did you name your babies before you met them, or wait until you saw them?
We named the babies before we met them. With a step-daughter we wanted her to have positive association with the babies and we thought that naming them before would help. Plus they were such high risk being MoMo babies that if case something happened to one of them or both, we already knew which one was which.

What were your second choices?
If we were having boys (though we found out fast they were not) they were going to be Miles and Oliver and the second choice for girls was Maggie and I was hoping my husband would agree on Josephine but I don't think he would have went for it.

Did you consider the popularity of a name as a deciding factor?
In a way we did, but not really. Neither name is all that popular though they are growing in popularity.

So here are our little girls.. Charlotte Elizabeth and Ruby Jane 30weekers

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bouncing Makes Me Happy Video

At least bouncing certainly makes Charlotte VERY happy.  She has decided in the past couple of weeks to just go nuts.  It is funny when she starts to get cranky she will bounce and be happy, stop and start crying, realize where she is and then start bouncing again... Ruby sometimes just looks at her like she has three heads!

Please ignore the TV in the background.. Football was on!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mad Moves

Our little Charlotte has decided to up the game from the military crawl to a full on, faster by the minute crawl.  She seems to move the quickest when the cat is anywhere in her immediate line of sight!

Ruby, well she just gets mad at Charlotte when she does that.

This morning we had Charlotte crawling around the kitchen island chasing after the cat, and Ruby crying at the whole scene.  I did eventually pick up Ruby, but I want her to realize that she can crawl too (and she does the military crawl quite well)...

So the getting mad at each other thing has already started!!

I just can't wait until they are arguing over clothes and make-up!

Then again, maybe I can!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


WELCOME to the world
Maggie Jane Harvey Bauer
Born January 13th
8lbs 15 ounces

Way to Go Bess.. All Natural!!

Healthy and Happy people all around!
Better pictures to follow!
(She came out so fast she has some facial bruising!)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

In all their AppleCheeks cuteness

I can't help but post these photos of the girls..
They are military crawling just about every moment they can, and a little regular crawling mixed in with it. They are loving their new found freedom.

I Heart these girls in a huge way!

(Applecheeks cloth diapers.. LOVE THEM!)

Friday, January 08, 2010


SO we are mostly finished decorating the Valentine's Day Tree..

YES,  you read that correctly.... 

The only thing left to add to the tree are the High School Musical Valentines (So the selection was minimal and it was the best of the best for sure!)  Who does not want Zac Efron hanging from the lovely branches of their Red/Pink Tree..? I only wish they had Christmas Ornaments with him on it.  Then again, I am sure one of you is going to tell me you already have that...

Without delay...

Here she is!
(Please ignore the lame photography..... Hard to take photos of the tree lit and it looks so much better when it is...)

You KNOW you LOVE it.

If you DON'T nobody wants to know!

(OH also, you will notice there is basically NOTHING at the bottom, TWIN guesses as to why that is the case!)

Thursday, January 07, 2010


We love our "small" Christmas Tree..  simple, plain, white lights.. red ribbon and pine cones..
The girls also LOVE the lights and they look for me to turn it on every time we come into the living room (Yes we still have our tree up)..

We actually do not want to take our Christmas Tree down (and yes it is fake my husband is allergic to real ones)!


We have decided to turn it into a HOLIDAY TREE..

We shall see how this goes..


Next stop.. Dollar store for some Valentines.. some hearts and ribbon..
Oh, and Cupid on top!!! 

I will post pictures when we have it finished..

I KNOW it is a Silly idea... but we love the way the LED lights look, and the babies LOVE the tree!

(On a side note.. I hate watching TV in the total dark and my husbands hates with the lights on.. So compromise.. We turn the tree on and we are both happy.. who would ever want to disturb the happiness around Television watching in our home??)

Care to join us??

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


This is what it looks like to have three VERY PINK car seats in your vehicle..
We opted for the Radian XT even though they were more expensive, it kept all of them in one row...
OH MY.. thank goodness we don't have triplets...
(Forward facing for Jazzy my stepdaughter, and the two others..)

OH, and the PINK were on sale 100$ less than neutrals... so when purchasing three can you blame us??

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Teeth photo

The girls seem to be growing so fast and I have to remind myself somedays that they were such tiny premies and that they really are only 7 months and not 9 months old when it comes to development.
They are finally both sitting up on their own and able to get from the sitting position to the laying down without always falling over to get there :)

Ruby has cut her first two teeth and Charlotte has one through and the other one being stubborn.
Some people say that they never really notice a change in their babies when they teeth.. Well to them I say, please do not ever tell me that again... No mother of twins wants to know that your baby did not show any cranky behavior or be more clingy while they were teething.. Yes, I am happy for you, and NO I do not want you to tell me AGAIN just how you never noticed the teeth were through until you saw them..

So with no further delay... introducing teeth number 1 and 2 for Ruby Jane

Saturday, January 02, 2010


So I have decided to take my "Confessions of an Emotional Eater" to it's own blog.  I am going to try to write each day how I feel and things I over come and things which cause me to break and steps I am taking to eat healthier and be healthier and be happier about myself...
It will be brutally honest and probably embarrassing for me to tell at times, but I think it will help me to keep on track and to figure out how to break this terrible cycle I am spinning in!
So come join me, feel free to post comments, and if you would love to share your own confessions I am more than happy to make you part of the blog so you can try to break the cycle with us..
It is meant to lift us up and help, but at the same time a place to be honest and to "confess" our habits and secrets of eating!!

So add me to your list, or follow me... I certainly will be able to use all the support I can get, and I know others of you out there could too!!!!