Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NOT so cute anymore (updated)

As cute as it has been that Charlotte is now standing up in her crib, it is no longer cute as she has not figured out how to get down from the standing position...
SO.... during her naps and for her night time sleep, she gets up and has fun standing up and then starts crying because she can't figure out how to get down... NOT FUN!

Anyone have the same problem or know how I can keep her from standing up???
It is becoming a major issue when Ruby falls asleep right away and Charlotte is a stand up - Mommy goes in and gets her down - Stand up - Mommy goes in and gets her down until she is just REALLY too tired to stand up anymore.  NOT loving this new ability!

OK to UPDATE I figured out a way to prevent her from being able to stand up in her crib.. I put socks on her hands.. She does not seem to mind them at all, and at least she goes to sleep with Ruby.
During the day tomorrow we are going to have to do lots of practicing of standing up and sitting down.
She is so very proud of herself for standing up so I feel bad about the socks, but she needs the sleep more, and frankly, so do I!


JaNece said...

Oh girl, I hear ya! I mean, I don't know what it would be like with one asleep and one standing, but it is quite comical (for a split second) that they can't figure out how to sit down. I don't remember what I did to solve that one...You're an awesome mom. Let me know your secret! :)

The Full Nelson said...

oh no! I don't have any advice on that, I haven't had that problem with them not being able to lay back down. Hopefully she figures it out soon!

The Conner Clan said...

If she ever figures out how to get the socks off you could try this (i don't know if it'll work-i've never tried it but it makes sense in my head): try putting another bumper pad around the crib ON TOP of the one she currently has in her crib. It'll cover the bars so she won't have something to grab onto (kind of like when they cover the tops of trees at the zoo to keep the squirrels from climbing too high and escaping hee hee!)

good luck! :)

Visible Voice said...

I'd just guide her and show her how to do it all day long....just do little practices with her through the day. I hope she figures it out soon!

Deborah said...

Oh my - I went through this same thing! Abbi had just started sleeping through the night, then she figured out how to stand up, but couldn't get back down. I wish I would have known the sock trick back then! But it wasn't long until she figured out how to sit back down - or at least to realize that she could drop without getting hurt!