Monday, January 18, 2010

Mad Moves

Our little Charlotte has decided to up the game from the military crawl to a full on, faster by the minute crawl.  She seems to move the quickest when the cat is anywhere in her immediate line of sight!

Ruby, well she just gets mad at Charlotte when she does that.

This morning we had Charlotte crawling around the kitchen island chasing after the cat, and Ruby crying at the whole scene.  I did eventually pick up Ruby, but I want her to realize that she can crawl too (and she does the military crawl quite well)...

So the getting mad at each other thing has already started!!

I just can't wait until they are arguing over clothes and make-up!

Then again, maybe I can!


The Full Nelson said...

too cute! I am sure they'll both be crawling up a storm soon!

Deborah said...

So cute!! Abbi loves to chase Max around, and he loves playing with her.