Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Gift for DAD

My father is a wonderful man, and always had done so 
much for us kids.. Especially me this past couple of years..
He has been wanting a new TV so badly!  A flat screen 42
inch LCD TV.. 
SO my husband and I decided to do something my family
never had done for Christmas... Get a big GIFT!  We worked
hard at making sure it was a surprise... Mom worked hard
at telling him to wait for the TV and finding out what he 
wanted, and I rounded up my siblings to make everyone

It was the perfect surprise (of course a close second after
tell them we are having TWINS the day before!) and we 
caught it on video!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Some of you may already know the surprise, since word travels
fast, but I figured it was also very blog worthy our news.
Monday, the 22nd of December, Adam and I went in for our 
first ultrasound at 18 weeks.  We were both super excited as
most parents would be....

Comfortable on the table with the fun blue gel on my belly,
the ultrasound lady started doing her thing.. Nonchalantly she
said, "Well, there is two in here"!  Both of us I think close to the
exact same time said "WHAT?"  She continued to show us that 
there are indeed two little babies in my ever growing belly.
We are quite certain she assumed we knew we were having twins
as she was just so matter of fact about it..  What a shock that was.
I immediately went into a bit of a worry seeing how sick I have 
been, that feeding one baby would have been hard let alone two.
However, she calmed my fears and told us everything looked 
great, and they were both the same size and weight.. Each at 
8 ounces right now.  

So the question most people have, is what are they???
Well we don't really know 100%, and that is the truth.
She took a good look between the legs and did not see anything
on either one of them, but they are quite small still and she said
the next ultrasound in January we would be able to tell for certain.
The other question in mind is if they will be identical twins or not.
Well they are in separate membranes, but there is only one
placenta, so the chance of having identical twins is quite high still.
We will find out more with our next ultrasound.  With twins I will
be going for an ultrasound at least once a month for the next little
while, until they see how things are progressing.

It really was a shock for both of us, but we are very excited in many
ways.  We walked around that say and for that matter, still just 
looking at each other and saying TWINS!!

On another very happy note....
I am feeling SO much better.  I think I am over the worst, and it 
would make more sense seeing how I have been carrying two that
I have been that much more sick!  
It was entirely exciting to be able to eat Christmas dinner, 
and keep it all down.
It was all I wanted for Christmas, and I got so much more.
Mine is a life truly blessed.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I know it has been a long time since I have posted, and I would say
I have not had time, but that certainly is not the case, it is more
that I do not do anything at all... It is rare I leave the house, and
when I do it is not anything too exciting..

I have been put off work since the end of Novenber and unless
I start feeling better it will be until the end of my pregnancy.
Thankfully I have a great sick program at work for short term
sick leave, so I am not left high and dry and am still bringing
home money.

It has not been easy being home every day doing nothing.
I sit and watch TV, watch movies, read, knit.. The less I move
the better I feel, which is hard. I feel like my muscles are
going into atrophy, just going up the stairs makes me winded..
Not a lot of fun.

I should not be complaining all the time, and I wish I could
say I am one of those women who LOVE being pregnant but
that is not the case. I have another appointment on the 19th
and we shall see just how much more weight I have lost,
hopefully I will have stopped going down too much more,
though from how I look and feel I can say I have lost more
weight, which sucks.. I am keeping "some" food down, but
not a lot of variety.

My 31st Birthday came and went without a lot of fan fare..
We did manage to get out on the night before. I had purchased
tickets for James Blunt months ago before I ever started getting
sick and was determined to go to the concert. My body was
kind to me and I made it through the concert and did not throw
up until I got out into the parking lot. The concert was so
Entertaining.. He sings with so much honest passion and I
loved it.

My husband has been wonderful and takes amazing care of me.
He does EVERYTHING around the house, including the grocery
shopping, dishes, laudry.. cleaning.. He does it all.. It is wonderful.

So nothing all too exciting to report..
I am home all day long...
Looking forward to enjoying the Holidays the best I can.