Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Update

So for any and all of you wondering how the little baby is 
doing.. According to the doctor today, much better than mom
is.  I am on a higher dose of diclectin, which might help me
throw up less, and sleep more.  I have not been sleeping well
and it is taking its toll on me.  I've lost 8 pounds since I got
pregnant, which I suppose is to be easily understood when 
most of what I am eating does not stay where it should.

However, she did tell me today that there is only one little
baby in there, so any hopes for twins is gone.
I won't have my ultrasound until 18 weeks, so we should 
know hopefully by Christmas what we are having.

She also put me on a regular schedule at work.  Right now I 
work rotation which has me all over the map for times.
Some weeks I work 8 am, some weeks 2 PM, other weeks like
next week, 6 pm.. So bascially every week is different.  So right
now, I am not to work past 5 pm in hopes that a regular 
schedule will help me sleep more and get me feeling better.

I'm still crossing my fingers it is only for the first trimester,
in which case I am 10 weeks and do not have a lot of this left.



So while I was down in Utah with my sisters I was really
lucky to be able to see three of my old roommates from
the wonderful, fun days of Ricks College.  It was so great to
see them all and get caught up.  I stayed out way to late for
my not feeling so great body, but it was well worth every

So I finally got around to scanning a couple of old photos
of the ladies and I.  I recall thinking about how little they 
all have changed, and realized aside from adding a husband
and some children, really we have not changed all that much.

I have so many fond memories with these girls.  I could have
posted 50 pictures which just make me smile and laugh.  
I think about how much I thought I knew myself back in those
days, and really how wrong I was, and how much these ladies
helped me learn more about who I was.. I am so grateful I 
can still call them a part of my life..
So Thank you ladies...

Before (and I have to warn my after photos are not the best)

JoJo, Christy, BKay,
April (in Front), JaNece
Well and then Moi!

Friday, October 10, 2008


So for all of you who might not already know, I am
down in Utah visiting my family. It has been an
interesting trip thus far seeing how I've been very
sick with this pregnancy. However, the pills are helping
quite a lot and as long as I get enough sleep (and by
enough sleep I mean like 12 hours a day) then I can
I'm down in Springville now, so if anyone is around
drop me an email.. I no longer have my US cell phone
so just send me your number or email and we will
be in touch...