Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Elbert Hubbard once said ~ Every man is a damn fool
for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists
in not exceeding the limit.

Today I have completely failed in not exceeding my limit.
It is presently 4am in the morning (and if the fact that I
just wrote 4am followed by in the morning clues you in
to how tired I might just be) and I am still at work. It
really should not be a surprise I am still at work with my
new, wonderfully terrible schedule in this 24 hour office I
have the utmost pleasure of working in. What might
come to a surprise to some of you is that I have been here
in this mildly comfortable, seriously ugly, blue chair since
1pm today.. So, by the time I leave at 6am, I will have
been at work for 17 hours. No, my company does not
require that I slave away at work for a constant 17 hours,
it is actually one of the perks (which is what I call it when I
have am not working what we call a double) of my job that
I can work these long days with out extra pay, for extra
days off with pay later on.. basically shift trading around.
You might all be asking where really is the lack of wisdom
in my working now for time off later -
That folks is not my failure - it would be the fact that
at some point during the day I decided it would be a good
idea to keep my plans to head to the gym for my 6AM
workout, which I will keep as I am meeting people there.
Which brings me to another quote:
"The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine
that age brings wisdom.
" H. L. Mencken -

Monday, January 14, 2008

Man Bag, Man Purse, Murse???

Which one is it really???

So my boyfriend Adam has been talking about how we as
women have the advantage when it comes to the "purse" and
how he used to be jealous of the purse and the many different
colours and styles and how lately he feels as though he has too
many things to carry around. He has of late, gone for the more
slightly fitted style which has also made the carrying of certain
articles more difficult. So I have been in search of a nice
"Man bag". We have found a nice one in a local store for a lovely
price of 159.99 which is a beautiful leather over the shoulder bag
which is actually long enough for his tall "figure". Anyone have
ideas for a nice man bag where Adam can keep his "things"??
Thus far he has listed for the carrying around items...
...cell phone
...sticky note pad (um yeah he is a teacher.. not sure if that is a
valid excuse or if he just likes to make random lists of things to do)
...his new camera - to be ever ready for a great shot
...water bottle
...a magazine or book (for the just in case he has a moment
to read moment)
...and one more reason he wants one.. So he does not have to carry
home his laptopish bag from school after work when he does not
really need it, so not to make his coworkers annoyed that he
finished all his "work" at work.

One second thought, with all those things, maybe he should look
into getting a messenger bag instead. Not as pretty but a lot
cheaper for me.

So there it is