Saturday, February 21, 2009

A COUPLE SHOTS (26 weeks)

My mother took the maternity photos for me...
They turned out really nice, but not all of them are
appropriate for me to post on my blog.
They were more for my own personal viewing and
for remembrance.

The First one with the painting is a painting
my mother did of my father and I when I was
a little baby. Representing eternal families with
the temple in the background. I love this photo!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our MOMO Baby Update

We had another ultrasound today and fetal
assessment. All went well today, and I will tell
you I had little tears on my cheeks when I was able
to see both beautiful little heart beats going strongly.
I know that things are out of our hands, but it sure
does not take away the fear and worry that something
might just happen to one of our little girls.
They are growing quite well. One is 2pounds 4 ounces
the other is only 1 pound 12 ounces so it will be something
the Specialist will keep an eye on to make sure one of
them is not getting too much bigger, thus meaning they
are taking most of the nutrients.
I am not going to be inpatient just yet. We have two
more weeks of every other day fetal assessment and
stress tests and then at 28 weeks it looks as though I
will spend the last four weeks inpatient. We are a bit
nervous about this, as in waiting that long, but in Canada
the more I read about other women with these MOMO
babies, they were inpatient at 28 weeks unless something
came up as an immediate risk. In the US they take them
inpatient at 24 weeks but who knows the reason behind
We had a great tour of the NICU today as well. Something
they advise as we know our little girls will be spending a
better part of two months in there. The staff was as great
as we thought they would be in talking to us and answering
any and all questions no matter how silly they might
have sounded. It was great to have the tour, and we even
were able to see little ones which would be about the size
of our babies. Adam had never seen a premature baby
before in real life so it was really helpful for him to see.
There was a little boy who was born just a week ago at
26 weeks who was 2 pounds. He was just as precious as
anything I've seen. Totally alert and in a way it was a
nice confirmation of what our babies are approximately
for size right now.

SO.. the stress and worry continues, but for now they are
doing well. One is totally still down right on my cervix
which in a way protects her head from the other cord
(she has been in that position the whole time) and the
other just likes to move around everywhere.

Everyone keeps asking if we have names picked ..
We have not totally settled on them but right now
we are going with Charlotte Elizabeth and
Ruby Jane. I do realize three of the four names are
from Pride and Prejudice (my favourite) but it really
was not intentional.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying and
thinking of us. We will keep you posted as to how
things progress.

Tomorrow I get some maternity photos taken...
Should be fun.


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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


So we had another ultrasound yesterday, and we
were very excited to see our little girls again.

However, it did not turn out to be the doctors app
of our dreams. We love our specialist Dr Sanderson,
he is upfront and honest with us which we appreciate.

So the good news is we are having identical twin girls.
The bad news is we are having identical twin girls.

The bad new is that they are what is called
monochorionic and monoamniotic or MoMo.

Basically what it comes down to for us, without going
into too many details about the "condition" is that
I will be VERY closely monitored for the next 8 weeks

with weekly fetal assessment and ultrasounds.
I will more than likely be an inpatient from 28 weeks
onward so they can more closely monitor their hearts
and blood flow. Then at 32 weeks they do a cesarean
delivery. Hopefully we will make it to the 32 week mark
to give them the best chance for growth before being
welcomed to the world.

So once they are here, praying that everything goes as
well as it can, they will be in the NICU for two months,
with perhaps the possibility of coming home a couple of
weeks early.

Thankfully we live REALLY close to the hospital for all
the daily trips to visit our little girls...

This news was shocking, as are the statistics related to
having MoMo twins. However, we are hoping and
praying for two healthy girls (as healthy as they can be
at 32 weeks) to be here in 8 weeks.. Yikes.. 8 weeks..
I am not stressing the way I thought I would, but of
course I am worried and have my million of questions
going on inside my head...

My pregnancy has been anything but typical, but this
is more than we expected..
So my due date was the 25th of May, so we are looking
at the last couple days of March, or first week of April.
We will find out more about that as we progress.

What are Monoamniotic Twins?
Monoamniotic twins are identical twins that develop
inside the same amniotic sac. Also known as MoMo
twins (Monoamniotic-Monochorionic), monoamniotic

twins are always identical. These share a placenta
within their mother’s uterus, but have two separate
umbilical cords for nourishment. Monoamniotic twins
are rare, occurring in approximately 1 in 60,000
pregnancies. Monoamniotic triplets can also develop,
but this is extremely rare.

Unfortunately, monoamniotic twins are at great risk
for health complications due to the close proximity of
the two umbilical cords in the amniotic sac. This makes
it particularly easy for the twins to become entangled

in each other’s cords, or to compress one another’s cords,
endangering their oxygen and food supply. The survival
rate for monoamniotic twins is approximately 50%.

Here are a couple photos of the girls..
The doctor was laughing because he was saying how
they have really big feet! (Just like their mother)
Also they were totally kicking each other during the

My belly at 24 Weeks

First Time Tag

Believe it not, I have never been tagged in a blog..
I was on a roll...
However, I will do this one seeing how it is the
first time...


1. The Amazing Race
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. Criminal Minds
4. Lost
5. 24
7. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
8. Jeopardy

1. Went to my ultrasound
2. Picked out the nursery paint colour
3. Visited my in laws had lunch with them
4. Grocery shopping
5. Showered *yeah I know its a highlight!*
6. Talked to my sisters and parents
7. Played fetch in the hallway with my cat
8. Kissed my husband goodbye until Friday

1. Adam coming home Friday
2. Prenatal Aqua-cise
3. The Twins getting here
4. A trip to Utah with the twins in August
5. SPRING - this winter sucks
6. Golfing in the summer with my husband
7. A good nights sleep - which does not happen often lately
8. The first time the babies will say Momma

Not sure if I can get 8 but I will try - in no order
1. Irving Big Stop
2. Wendy's
3. The Ale House
4. Suwannas (my favourite)
5. Olive Garden (love that salad)
6. The Thai Hut
7. Earls - though we don't have one here
8. yeah totally ran out

1. To travel with my husband
2. To own a bigger house someday
3. A new hybrid vehicle
4. To have the twins be delivered healthy
5. To be debt free
6. To be given a really great makeup and style lesson
7. To have my sisters live closer to us
8. To love more easily

OK I did it..
I am suppose to tag people now too huh?
OK I tag
Deborah (and her cute new little Abby)
Kellie L
Aubrey G

Don't let me down ladies :)