Saturday, February 21, 2009

A COUPLE SHOTS (26 weeks)

My mother took the maternity photos for me...
They turned out really nice, but not all of them are
appropriate for me to post on my blog.
They were more for my own personal viewing and
for remembrance.

The First one with the painting is a painting
my mother did of my father and I when I was
a little baby. Representing eternal families with
the temple in the background. I love this photo!


Roth Family said...

I love your pictures. They will be fun to have to remember this adventure you've been on. I think of you daily and hope everything is okay:)

Deborah said...

Gorgeous photos - especially that first one!!

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

Gorgeous pics Jenny!

Nicole Wagner said...

I love the first one with the painint too! Very touching and beautiful!
you look gorgeous!!!

Melissa said...

These are beautiful Jenny May! So nice that your mom could take the photos, I think it makes them more special. I especially love the one by the tree - it has a magical quality!

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...

Cute pics...that are awesome. Who did them? Hope all is going well.