Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Love and Marriage go together like Pistachio and Cherry

So if you sing the title the right way, and with some
practice, it can work to the title song from Love and
Marriage.Lately I have been thinking about how much I truly
enjoy ice cream, and started thinking about how much
a persons favourite ice cream may possibly reflect
their relationship styles or history. With that said,
I thought I would test the theory and see what a few
of my friends think.. this is just a test.. and I just thought
it was a little funny interesting..So what is your favourite
ice cream type.. and what do
you think it might say about you???

Below is what some of my friends have said thus far

Niels from Denmark- Rocky Road (which he and his
friends say is a true reflection of his
relationship history)

Steve (first met when he was in Spain but now
in Utah) Loves just about all different types of ice cream
everything but coffee flavoured types... hummm
I have first hand knowledge he just loves women :)

Patrick(Nova Scotia Canada) - (I need to be careful here)
His response ..Do not really have one...
no comment from me!!!

Brendo (first met in Boston now in Utah)
- Half baked.. once again no comment I wish
not to assume ALL of his relationships have been with
"half baked" type ladies..

Ray (Toronto, Canada) -
Like it but not really a big deal (did I mention he was
single ladies...??? I wonder if you could be the big deal?)

Nicole (Portland Oregon)
- World Class Chocolate by Baskin Robins
-Let me tell you she is world class all the way

Kris Oddy - Ottawa Canada, and I quote
"I like it but not really one more before another.
I tend to think of it as a garnish"

SO, with that said (and I mean this all in fun)
ME, Jenny - New Brunswick, Canada
vanilla bean
Simple but smooth and with a little bite!!!

Whats your ice cream style??

Monday, December 11, 2006

Turning 29 was not so scary

SO my life has quickly been flying by and this year
has been no exception. I have traveled to new parts
of the world... made new friends, seen old friends..
laughed.. cried..played.. and so many more things.
So last week the 4th of December was my 29th
birthday. It came and went without a lot of fanfare.
The girls had planned a little get together however,
the snow and freezing rain kept me inside all night.
I spent hours chatting with friends online, family on
the phone and giggling all the while. I thought it might
be a bit tougher turning 29.. but really it was not a
whole heck of a lot different than 28. Next year
perhaps will be a heck of a lot harder.. the big 30.
Sorry I don't have any fun photos of the birthday
to show.. but I thought I'd say thank you to everyone
who called to wish me happy birthday.
Love you guys..

Sunday, November 26, 2006

LA and back in 24 Hours

So sometimes I feel a little bit lucky that I can just take
a flight at the drop of a hat, which is what I did with my
friend Wendy last Tuesday. We decided (or she decided
and convinced me) to fly to LA for the day to go to the
AMA's (American Music Awards). It was a fun and
crazy tired day. We left from Saint John at 6am and
arrived in LA around noon. Rented a car, and drove
to the Shine Auditorium... At first I thought we were
seriously lost, but after a much needed food stop at an
IHOP we realized we were just around the corner.
It was a fun time.. an absolute blast really. We rocked
it out to the music after getting dressed into our dresses
in the car :) We left as the last act was finishing up to
beat the crowds and rushed to the airport.. went through
security in our gowns and thankfully got first class
coming back on the red eye flight. It was nuts... but
seriously fun. My favourite acts were Josh Groban
and Fall Out Boy who sang a song off their new album.
I have included the link.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Halloween in Utah

So Halloween has come and gone.
I had a great time hanging with the family
and spending some great time with all the
little, and not so little ones. Life goes by so fast
hard to believe how fast time has gone by.
Check out my cute nephews and nieces..
Not to add my very "great sport" brothers
in law... The final picture would be myself with my
two older sisters Bess and Amie.. Mothers of the
cute children below. Ahh Halloween.. gone are the
days where they made me go and knock on the doors
even if I was the youngest one... Anyone have some
great memories of things they used to make their younger
siblings do for them.. without them knowing any better??

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Its Just me here asking you...

"I have the gift of neither the spoken nor the written word, especially if I have to say something about myself or my work. Whoever wants to know something about me -as an artist, the only notable thing- ought to look carefully at my pictures and try and see in them what I am and what I want to do." Gustav Klimt

So...with his quote... what do you think he is trying to
show us in this painting?

Its called Stoclet Frieze: Expectation

Monday, October 09, 2006

Book Page time (sort of sappy one)

Is love at first sight truly possible?
Sitting in her bed, she threw the question around her mind, over and
over again. Outside, the autumn sun was setting upon the beauty of
the vibrant colours which it accompanies. All was quiet except for the
sound of the waves racing onto the shore outside her window. She
leaned back into her pillow, trying to focus on the book in front of
her, but her mind drifted off to the past. She thought again about the
path that had brought them together. Sometimes it makes her
laugh, other times it makes her smile, and only on occasion does it
make her sad. Who was she then? And who was she now?
On the surface to everyone around her, those questions sound easy.
Her name was Genevieve; she was 28 years old, the daughter of an
English Father, and a French Mother; and she worked behind the
screen of a computer for a living. Those were the surface answers
she offered when asked. Though they were true, she sometimes
wondered why people did not want to know more, or if she should
add something more. Should she mention for instance, that she was
a massage therapist, that a child falling asleep in her arms made her
cry, that she has traveled all over the world, that she had a passion
for dancing and has a weakness for ice-cream and men with really
nice shoulders?
She closed her eyes, put down her book, and slid further into the
comforts of her bed. Though she didn’t dwell on events from long
ago, she didn’t avoid thinking about them, either. She was no more
able to erase the previous chapters of her life as she was able to
change who her parents were (not that she would want to).
While there were times when she wished she could turn back the
clock and erase a lot of memories and sadness, she had the distinct
feeling that if she did so, the joy would be largely diminished as well.
And that was something she would never contemplate.

Could you please HOLD

So.... I am sort of in a holding pattern as far as where my life
is going to be going in the next little while. I could possibly
be staying here.. I could possibly be moving to Calgary..
We shall see... so in the mean time I enjoy my lovely
apartment... enjoy the amazing autumn weather.. and
enjoy the moments I fall off my couch laughing so hard
at something a friend just said. Who out there does not
love laughing so hard until they have tears and fall off
their couch!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


SO.. now that I have moved into my new apartment, and I have to
admit I absolutely love my new apartment. However, an opportunity
has come up for me to take a leave of absence for 6 months.
With that, I have decided to move to Calgary. I am not completely
sure where I am going to be working, and I do have a place to stay
to start with... this shall be an adventure for sure. I will admit
I am slightly nervous, but slowly getting a little bit excited.
So if anyone has any friends in Calgary, that need another friend,
do drop me a note as I am sort of going out there blindly (though
being led by a friend, thank you Aaron).
Life is all about taking risks and here I am, you
never know what opportunites are just around "the corner" or
in the case below.. around my shoulder.

Monday, September 18, 2006


So I have returned to the fall colours of New Brunswick at just
the right time but I had a great trip down to Utah to see family
and friends.
Here are a few worthy mentions...
- having my flight into SLC cancelled because President Bush
had the air space closed
- My first real AJC Hug (highly recommend one)
- Sidewalk chalk drawing with my niece Harriett (she tells me I
am a much better drawer than her mom.. as you can see it is

- Spending so much time with family
- Watching my brother play a golf tournament
- Driving through the mountains alone
- "Spain" being in town - yummy
- Getting to play my own golf.. getting my golf bag carried by someone :)
- Beating that certain someone in golf
- Playing golf yet again up in the mountains... GPS golf carts rule
- Dinner with the "guys" and hot red shoes
- HEY DAVE Political debate
- Barely getting beat in bowling, and then winning at pool...not sure how
- Fresh Tomatoes from my sisters Garden
- Baby Ben falling asleep in my arms more than once
- Brian's First "going to church" experience
- My new love/hate relationship with the movie "The Notebook"
- Speed Scrabble
- Guess who sings this song (I think we were tied)
- Lots and lots of giggles...

Now that I am back here in Canada... do not forget about me!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I know there are very few people out there who actually love moving. I tried to think of who those people would be outside of movers who get paid to do so. So this past weekend I moved, or I guess I should say am still in the
progress of moving. Where to you ask; well I am actually staying in the same "house" but moving up to the second floor instead. Much larger, much brighter, hardwood floors, and I still get to keep a fireplace/mantle.
SO, seeing how I am getting ready to leave for SLC on the 30th now and not the 31st, I have very little time to move. You would think after living in the city for years I would have a lot of people able to help me move, but that was not the case. So, this little blog is to say thank you Stephanie, for helping me move. It was humourous to see really. Steph and I moving all the larger things in my apartment up a flight of stairs. The one that got even us laughing was when we moved the leather couch upstairs. If I recall correctly there was a moment when she was laughing and I was holding the entire couch.. So here is my friend Steph, and I must say, she is stronger than she looks! I will keep you all posted as to when I will have my first official "game night" with the girls when I get back from Utah. For any ofyou who have my mailing address and want an update.. change the unit from 1 to 2, and that is all it will take.

Monday, August 21, 2006

THREE Phones

So I was talking to my mother today giving her my new land line
phone number, and she was laughing at me because presently
I have three phone numbers. I still have my cell phone from when
I was living in Utah, which is too great of a deal to give up. I have my
local cell phone, because I cannot expect my friends from around here
to call a 801 long distance number. Last but not least, I just got my
land line put in as I get rid of my local cell phone. So, until the 10th of
Sept I have three phone numbers. Yeah I am a total dork, or some
would actually call me quite pathetic, and right about now I might
actually have to agree.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


This is the look we can get on our face when we talk about Canadian History. So to help us all learn more about the great country of Canada, I am going to try to give a somewhat daily information segment about Canadian History. Adding to that a daily question.. Some may be easy, and some might take some work to find the answer.


"Canadian History is a lot of fun. There are heroes and villains, tragedies and triumphs, great battles and sudden betrayals, loyal refugees and long struggles for social justice. Our history tells us who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Any place as eclectic and mixed up as Canada will never be able to settle on a single unified, homogenous national history that will please everyone, but make no mistake; There IS a history that we need to know. The interpretations may vary - radically, at times - but there are still core events and important leaders from our past that every Canadian should be familiar with"

- History matters, and we forget this truth at our peril -

- historian J.L. Granastein

My information is not going to come from my head, that is for sure.
I will be getting most of my information from my
"Canadian History for Dummies". It is a great little reference book
for anyone who wants to know more about Canadian
History but not dive into large heavy books.


After Canada's First Nations, Who were the "Three Big C's" among the first to explore and arrive on our shores?

New Book Pages

Here is a different page from my slow to be completed book.
Yes there are plenty of similarities many of you will see to my life.
I suppose as many people say, we write what we know.
Feedback welcomed

I used to think I was happy here before I knew I could leave. I know these words are easy for many to say, but it is so much harder to feel this way. I sit here, Me, the invisible operations agent. I sit here in an office, an office full of ugly green, red or blue chairs. An office with gray walls and these managers offices called pods. I come into work, day after day, and sit here surrounded by coworkers. I watch them engulf themselves in others business, which is the polite way of saying gossip. I watch them work when they know someone who is important enough to matter is watching. I furrow my brow and question my own sanity, wondering what I am still doing here.
My phone beeps in my ear and startles me back into reality and I quickly remember how unimportant I am, and exactly why I am here. As occupied as my mind should be with the woman screaming in my ear about how much she hates the company I work for, (and most times I would want to yell back that I agree) I can not help but to sit silently letting her finish her rather large piece of mind. In doing so it allows me the luxury of cluttering my thoughts with the desire to be just about anywhere but here at this very moment.
I close my eyes in my thankfulness that I no longer want to not be me, and smile at the distances I have traveled to discover such a valuable truth. I stand up slightly as if looking like I am stretching to peer around the office, and reaffirm how few people actually know anything about the road I have taken inside to be where I am today. I sit down and smile to myself because I realize most of them would not really care. The woman in my ear has finally stopped, and although there are at least one hundred calls left to answer, I permit myself a moment to read an email from a dear friend, hoping I will find a small moment of normalcy.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Next Travel Destination

Hello world

Just thought I would let everyone know where my next travel destination will be. I wish I could tell you all I am headed to another exotic place, but I am headed back down to Salt Lake area. It seems that the pull to visit my cute nieces and nephews is stronger than exploring the mountains of South America, or wherever it happened to be that my adventures would take me.
Cameron, Sam, Alina, Craighton

I am flying in the 31st least that is what is planned) and I am not due back to work until the 13th of Sept. I am not sure if I am going to stay there the whole time, or take a side trip to visit some other people. Maybe if everyone who would like a visit could let me know, that way I could put them all in a hat and draw out a name (it seems the only fair way really) and see where it takes me. I wish I had the time to visit everyone. I really could have the time if I could just convince my office that they do not need me, but should still pay me to travel around the world. I might have to look into that one.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stabilo (for a great Canadian Band click here)

I am constantly defending my position of being Canadian
and how many of my so called friends tell me that most music
that comes from Canada sucks. I personally think there are
plenty of terrible "bands" out there from every country.
However, the point of my thoughts here are to defend and ask
for feedback on what are some of the best Canadian Bands you
think are out there. I have lately (as in the past couple of years)
grow a love for the band Stabilo. I have included their link and
hope you will enjoy their sound as much as I do.

p.s check out the "Kidding Ourselves" video on yahoo music videos