Sunday, November 26, 2006

LA and back in 24 Hours

So sometimes I feel a little bit lucky that I can just take
a flight at the drop of a hat, which is what I did with my
friend Wendy last Tuesday. We decided (or she decided
and convinced me) to fly to LA for the day to go to the
AMA's (American Music Awards). It was a fun and
crazy tired day. We left from Saint John at 6am and
arrived in LA around noon. Rented a car, and drove
to the Shine Auditorium... At first I thought we were
seriously lost, but after a much needed food stop at an
IHOP we realized we were just around the corner.
It was a fun time.. an absolute blast really. We rocked
it out to the music after getting dressed into our dresses
in the car :) We left as the last act was finishing up to
beat the crowds and rushed to the airport.. went through
security in our gowns and thankfully got first class
coming back on the red eye flight. It was nuts... but
seriously fun. My favourite acts were Josh Groban
and Fall Out Boy who sang a song off their new album.
I have included the link.

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Bess said...

Next time bring me:)