Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Halloween in Utah

So Halloween has come and gone.
I had a great time hanging with the family
and spending some great time with all the
little, and not so little ones. Life goes by so fast
hard to believe how fast time has gone by.
Check out my cute nephews and nieces..
Not to add my very "great sport" brothers
in law... The final picture would be myself with my
two older sisters Bess and Amie.. Mothers of the
cute children below. Ahh Halloween.. gone are the
days where they made me go and knock on the doors
even if I was the youngest one... Anyone have some
great memories of things they used to make their younger
siblings do for them.. without them knowing any better??


Bess said...

man we are cute. what were we dressed up as?

Miss May said...

I'm not sure what we were...
Clowns.. who knows?
But what I do know is that we were cute..

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Sorry it is off the topic. I am wondering how you are doing in Calgary. Spoke to someone from YSJ and he said you moved there .

Miss May said...

Nope.. I'm still here in YSJ. Not sure what is going on with YYC.. I will keep you posted for sure..
And thanks.. they are cute nieces and nephews for sure.. Did your boys dress up for Halloween?