Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was being very hopeful that I would somehow inherit my
mothers type of pregnancy... IE really enjoyable with no
sickness or nausea.   Total disappointment...

It has happened this week..
I have been nauseous for the past 4 or so days just about 
the entire day except for the mornings I feel great.

Yesterday I threw up twice which was actually a welcomed
experience, even if one of them was in the grocery store.
Today though, it is just the nausea ALL DAY long.  I have 
decided I would rather throw up a few times a day and not
have the constant nausea all day long.

Hopefully it will pass as time goes on.

My husband is wonderful and very willing to do anything
he can to help me feel better, or provide me with relief 
from typical duties.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful
man in my life.

How long did your nausea last????

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Its been very exciting thinking about being pregnant and 
thinking about creating a new little life together.  Though
the little baby is about the size of a bb pellet, my mid 
section says otherwise.  I've been talking to mothers at
work and anywhere I can because it just does not make
sense how much my normally mostly flat stomach already
seems to have become "visible to me" (like I have put on 
weight to anyone else).  I have not gained any weight..
Though I've already had to go out and get a new bra and
I have two pair of pants I can still wear because they sit 
really low.  So mothers out there.. Did you start showing
early (like hello I am only halfway through my 6th week)?

So far though I have been admiring the changes my body
is going through.  I never though it possible for a chest 
to be as sore without having been sick there repeatedly..
The fatigue is getting better, but the partial insomnia is 
not.  I get tired get to sleep, wake up about 4 am of course
to have to go to the washroom, and then that its.. I can't
get back to sleep.. I toss and turn for the next two hours 
until I'm so exhausted I get back to crappy sleep for 
maybe another hour or so..  Any suggestions??

All in all, it is exciting.. We know we are still really early
which is why my husband takes great care of me making
sure I eat really healthy and take all my vitamins.  

For those of you who don't believe my belly could already
be there ... Here is some proof..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OK So lets face it, I tried to figure out a way I could 
possibly wait to tell my friends near and far, but that 
is just not going to happen.  We are just too excited..
So yes, if you did not figure it out from the Title, we 
are PREGNANT!!!!
We really did not expect for it to happen this fast, 
but we are more than excited..
We have a long way to go, but we are enjoying every 
minute so far.  Even I am enjoying almost every minute.  
I have not been sick yet!  I am holding out hope that I am 
not.  My sisters were both really sick, but my mother 
was not for all 5 of us, so here's to hoping.  The only 
thing I have been having to deal with, is the crazy 
fatigue.  A regular day at work has now turned into 
what feels like 15 hour days. I am sure we will keep 
you updated regularly...

I am heading to Utah to visit my sisters Amie and Bess 
in October, so they will give me the ins and outs of 
what I can look forward to and not look forward to.  
Thankfully I have free long distance for the US because 
they might get sick of me calling them.

So for now Adam keeps me healthy and kisses the little 
baby inside me.  He is such a wonderful husband and 
person in so many ways.  I am so excited to share this 
experience with him.

Another wedding photo for you all...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jazzy Dancing To show her love of Football

So today is when it all starts..
My am married to a man who loves football.
Thankfully for both of us, I too enjoy sports, though I was
never a Pro Football fan until last year after we went to a 
Patriots gave live at Gillette Stadium (with awesome seats).

Jazzy who also "loves football" (or at least wearing just the
little jersey around) showed us today her enthusiasum for
the sport.

This is my first time trying to upload a video to the blog and
we are on a Mac and things do not seem to work as easily as 
they should sometimes.


If anyone wants to share with me how to get the "youtube TV" 
in my blog great.. If not.. Please click the link for the 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


OK so I promise this is my last post tonight.
I just had to tell everyone how much I love my 
husband.  This is not to make up for having a good
laugh at his expense, it is really because he truly is
just that wonderful. 
I know there are adjustments to being married, and
for me the hardest (like most people) is having someone
in what used to be only my space.  The only place I don't
seem to have an issue with is how wonderful it is to be
able to wake up to a man I know loves me every morning.
What better way to start the morning and end the day..

So last week I had been rescheduled to nights at work.
So Adam would get home from work about 530 ish and I
would go into work at 530.  It certainly did not make the
first full week back to work for both of us very exciting.
We both really missed going to bed at the same time 
together, and seeing how I did not get off work until 2AM
he was not waiting for me.
We made the best of it though..
One night I decided to leave him a little note in magnets 
on the stove.. which simply read LOVE U
I got up in the morning to this....


I wonder who had the camera the most???

Terrible With Food but Wonderful with Love

So my husband is one of the most "intelligent" book smart guys 
that I know, and aside from his charming personality, it was one 
of the reasons I fell for him from our first conversation.  
However, as the relationship progressed I realized that he was 
lacking perhaps a few skills.  I easily blame most things on his 
being an only child.. We have some good laughs at his expense, 
but he is a great sport. They seem to lately revolve around food.

Saturday night my friends Stephanie and Deborah and I went out
to the Opera Bistro and had a great evening.  My husband who 
was already uptown for an appointment joined us about an hour 
into the meal.  Stephanie had the Fillet Mignon which came 
with too much sauce for her delicate stomach.. So we all 
tried some.. 

The conversation went like this..

Jenny:  That is very tasty Stephanie, Adam try some.

Adam:  OK!  Wow! That is really delicious Sheep..

Jenny:  Thats funny and proceeds to laugh thinking he was being

Adam:  No really isn't fillet Mignon, Sheep.

Jenny:  Laughing too hard but realizing not everyone has had 
             fillet mignon, so really common mistake :)

Adam:  I thought it tasted a lot like beef

Jenny:  Still laughing extremely hard... 

He is such a great sport..
He has never knowingly had fillet mignon

Number 2

Tonight I decided to make Ham and scalloped Potatoes
Adam had a meeting after work and came home to all
the smells and said he is hungry and looking forward to
ham, scallops and potatoes..  I just giggled and thought it
was easily understood how he would think that...

Putting aside his perhaps small knowledge in the kitchen
thankfully he is not a picky eater and would have waffles
every night for dinner if I so choose to make them.