Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Terrible With Food but Wonderful with Love

So my husband is one of the most "intelligent" book smart guys 
that I know, and aside from his charming personality, it was one 
of the reasons I fell for him from our first conversation.  
However, as the relationship progressed I realized that he was 
lacking perhaps a few skills.  I easily blame most things on his 
being an only child.. We have some good laughs at his expense, 
but he is a great sport. They seem to lately revolve around food.

Saturday night my friends Stephanie and Deborah and I went out
to the Opera Bistro and had a great evening.  My husband who 
was already uptown for an appointment joined us about an hour 
into the meal.  Stephanie had the Fillet Mignon which came 
with too much sauce for her delicate stomach.. So we all 
tried some.. 

The conversation went like this..

Jenny:  That is very tasty Stephanie, Adam try some.

Adam:  OK!  Wow! That is really delicious Sheep..

Jenny:  Thats funny and proceeds to laugh thinking he was being

Adam:  No really isn't fillet Mignon, Sheep.

Jenny:  Laughing too hard but realizing not everyone has had 
             fillet mignon, so really common mistake :)

Adam:  I thought it tasted a lot like beef

Jenny:  Still laughing extremely hard... 

He is such a great sport..
He has never knowingly had fillet mignon

Number 2

Tonight I decided to make Ham and scalloped Potatoes
Adam had a meeting after work and came home to all
the smells and said he is hungry and looking forward to
ham, scallops and potatoes..  I just giggled and thought it
was easily understood how he would think that...

Putting aside his perhaps small knowledge in the kitchen
thankfully he is not a picky eater and would have waffles
every night for dinner if I so choose to make them.

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