Thursday, September 25, 2008


Its been very exciting thinking about being pregnant and 
thinking about creating a new little life together.  Though
the little baby is about the size of a bb pellet, my mid 
section says otherwise.  I've been talking to mothers at
work and anywhere I can because it just does not make
sense how much my normally mostly flat stomach already
seems to have become "visible to me" (like I have put on 
weight to anyone else).  I have not gained any weight..
Though I've already had to go out and get a new bra and
I have two pair of pants I can still wear because they sit 
really low.  So mothers out there.. Did you start showing
early (like hello I am only halfway through my 6th week)?

So far though I have been admiring the changes my body
is going through.  I never though it possible for a chest 
to be as sore without having been sick there repeatedly..
The fatigue is getting better, but the partial insomnia is 
not.  I get tired get to sleep, wake up about 4 am of course
to have to go to the washroom, and then that its.. I can't
get back to sleep.. I toss and turn for the next two hours 
until I'm so exhausted I get back to crappy sleep for 
maybe another hour or so..  Any suggestions??

All in all, it is exciting.. We know we are still really early
which is why my husband takes great care of me making
sure I eat really healthy and take all my vitamins.  

For those of you who don't believe my belly could already
be there ... Here is some proof..


Deborah said...

Welcome to bloating!! Haha - I experienced that the first trimester, but luckily, I'm not having that issue anymore. It's more uncomfortable than anything. And maybe TMI, but constipation is a big thing during pregnancy as well, so it can cause the belly to look bigger. Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy!!

Deborah said...

I was also going to say - drink LOTS of water, it helps in more way than one!

Jenny May said...

THANKFULLY the constipation is not
yet an issue for me. Maybe its all
the fiber I seem to get.
I get LOTS of water.. I'm telling
you this little baby is sucking
all the water out of me!
I drink a lot and I still can't make
it through the night without being
so thirsty I feel like I've been
wandering in the desert for a week.

Roth Family said...

I was in full maternity clothes at 10 weeks with all three of my kids. It is crazy. I was always so sick I took 1/2 a pill of unisom and b6. It is suppose to help with nausea. I'm sure it helps with sleep to. Your body will change in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice baby bump! I did not get one until about 4 months, but I put on a LOT of weight the first three because I was STARVING and never sick. If Constipation isn't a problem now it may not be the whole pregnancy... I've never had a problem with it. As far as sleeping goes, if you drink milk try having a glass when you get up in the middle of the night. It has the same chemical as turkey that makes you sleepy. It may just be a psychological thing knowing that, but it always works for me. Congrats again!

Nicole Wagner said...

Hey Jenny!
I'm glad you're taking the changes in stride......
as far as I understand (though i'm no expert) is the first signs this early is mostly might even find it goes down...and then a few weeks/months later it comes back but this time b/c the baby is getting bigger. this is what I found. really bloated and sore boobs in the beginning then.. at about 4 mo's the real stuff starts to show! either way, its so much fun!!
i'm SO SO SO excited for you!!!
mucho love

Kelly said...

PS-congrats in the wedding, and now baby news. it all sounds very familiar (the quick pregnancy after marriage...). Anyway, bon chance with the pregnancy. hope all continues to go well.

Jenny May said...

I am sure you guys are all correct that its bloating..
Hopefully so because I certainly do not want to be
in maternity clothes just yet...
Either way though... all very fun and new.

Bkay said...

This is your time to get fat....and have an excuse for it for a very long time. I am still saying that I have baby fat to loose and Kalli Kay is almost two! You look darling, and I am willing to bet that your little baby is going to be darling too! Love and miss ya tons. bkay

bev said...

i think you look great! i am so excited for you!