Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OK So lets face it, I tried to figure out a way I could 
possibly wait to tell my friends near and far, but that 
is just not going to happen.  We are just too excited..
So yes, if you did not figure it out from the Title, we 
are PREGNANT!!!!
We really did not expect for it to happen this fast, 
but we are more than excited..
We have a long way to go, but we are enjoying every 
minute so far.  Even I am enjoying almost every minute.  
I have not been sick yet!  I am holding out hope that I am 
not.  My sisters were both really sick, but my mother 
was not for all 5 of us, so here's to hoping.  The only 
thing I have been having to deal with, is the crazy 
fatigue.  A regular day at work has now turned into 
what feels like 15 hour days. I am sure we will keep 
you updated regularly...

I am heading to Utah to visit my sisters Amie and Bess 
in October, so they will give me the ins and outs of 
what I can look forward to and not look forward to.  
Thankfully I have free long distance for the US because 
they might get sick of me calling them.

So for now Adam keeps me healthy and kisses the little 
baby inside me.  He is such a wonderful husband and 
person in so many ways.  I am so excited to share this 
experience with him.

Another wedding photo for you all...


Bkay said...

How exciting! When are you due? Is Jazzy excited too? I hope you use some of those free minutes on me! Miss you lots, bkay

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

Congrats! How far along are you? Do you have a due date? You'll have to get a baby ticker from they're so cute!

Who would've thought that in the middle of our trips back & forth to N.B. & N.S. that 4 years later we'd be prego @ the same time... so funny.

Good luck with everything... keep me posted on how you're doing.

Deborah said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy and excited for you. It took us a bit longer to get pregnant, and those months of waiting were torture, so be glad you didn't have to go through that! I never got sick, thank goodness, but I'm still dealing with the fatigue. The second trimester is supposed to be better, but most nights, I find myself asleep at 8pm!!

I don't have much advice since I'm only a few months ahead of you, but I'm excited to hear of your journey!

Erik said...

How exciting. I'm so happy for you and Adam. Being pregnant is great only because the end result is amazing.(and you get to eat)IF you have time when you come to Utah and are in my area, give me a call. I live on the provo-orem border. 801-426-0962

Nicole Wagner said...

YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! that is SO exciting!!!! how far along are you? I found the sickness didnt' kick in til about week 8...BUT I wasnt' sick at all with my 2nd pregnancy so you never know! fingers crossed for you:):)
can't wait to meet the baby!!!

Roth Family said...

Erik above is me, April. Will you send me a email so I have your email addres.. I live in Orem next to UVU. I'll email you more. Congratulations.

Bess said...

I am cracking up at how long you 'held out' to tell everyone.

Jenny May said...

Yeah I know.. We really held out..
It is just too exciting and we wanted the
newness to be shared by those we love..
Can't wait to come down and visit..

The Nelson Family said...

That's super exciting for you guys!!! It's always nice when it doesn't take too long....we would just say the word pregnant and it would happen......I guess that's why we are having #5:) Hope that the sickness doesn't get you....I have lucked out in that department and never been sick. I just birth babies that are huge. Will you find you what you are having?? When is your due date???

The Trejo Family said...

Dad called and told me he figured out why Bess and I were sick. It was because we were pregnant in the US and not in Canada. He says you will be fine.... Too Funny. You did a good job holding out for a week. I don't think I would have.
When are you coming down in October? We are planning Cameron's Baptism.

bev said...

i hope to see you when you come down next month!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you and congrats on getting married to! wow, I feel out of the loop. I love your photos and want to hear about everything that's going on. So Ditto to all Kellie's questions! If you have any free time at all in UT you should give me a call! I'll email you my number in facebook. Congrats again, you'll make a GREAT mom!

Jenny May said...

Thanks everyone for the cheers of
happiness. We are super happy..
I'll blog more about due date and how I'm feeling and how I am actually showing ALREADY...

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...

Congrats to you guys...I am so happy for you. I can{t wiat to read more of your updates. Congrats again.