Monday, December 11, 2006

Turning 29 was not so scary

SO my life has quickly been flying by and this year
has been no exception. I have traveled to new parts
of the world... made new friends, seen old friends..
laughed.. cried..played.. and so many more things.
So last week the 4th of December was my 29th
birthday. It came and went without a lot of fanfare.
The girls had planned a little get together however,
the snow and freezing rain kept me inside all night.
I spent hours chatting with friends online, family on
the phone and giggling all the while. I thought it might
be a bit tougher turning 29.. but really it was not a
whole heck of a lot different than 28. Next year
perhaps will be a heck of a lot harder.. the big 30.
Sorry I don't have any fun photos of the birthday
to show.. but I thought I'd say thank you to everyone
who called to wish me happy birthday.
Love you guys..

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