Monday, October 09, 2006

Book Page time (sort of sappy one)

Is love at first sight truly possible?
Sitting in her bed, she threw the question around her mind, over and
over again. Outside, the autumn sun was setting upon the beauty of
the vibrant colours which it accompanies. All was quiet except for the
sound of the waves racing onto the shore outside her window. She
leaned back into her pillow, trying to focus on the book in front of
her, but her mind drifted off to the past. She thought again about the
path that had brought them together. Sometimes it makes her
laugh, other times it makes her smile, and only on occasion does it
make her sad. Who was she then? And who was she now?
On the surface to everyone around her, those questions sound easy.
Her name was Genevieve; she was 28 years old, the daughter of an
English Father, and a French Mother; and she worked behind the
screen of a computer for a living. Those were the surface answers
she offered when asked. Though they were true, she sometimes
wondered why people did not want to know more, or if she should
add something more. Should she mention for instance, that she was
a massage therapist, that a child falling asleep in her arms made her
cry, that she has traveled all over the world, that she had a passion
for dancing and has a weakness for ice-cream and men with really
nice shoulders?
She closed her eyes, put down her book, and slid further into the
comforts of her bed. Though she didn’t dwell on events from long
ago, she didn’t avoid thinking about them, either. She was no more
able to erase the previous chapters of her life as she was able to
change who her parents were (not that she would want to).
While there were times when she wished she could turn back the
clock and erase a lot of memories and sadness, she had the distinct
feeling that if she did so, the joy would be largely diminished as well.
And that was something she would never contemplate.


How's you! said...

I would say... destiny had brought them together.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe such thing, sorry...

Miss May said...

no need to be sorry.. I did not answer the question to "is there such a thing as love at first sight" in the page... I never once said that the character did or did not... its more to make the reader think about if they believe or not.