Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stabilo (for a great Canadian Band click here)

I am constantly defending my position of being Canadian
and how many of my so called friends tell me that most music
that comes from Canada sucks. I personally think there are
plenty of terrible "bands" out there from every country.
However, the point of my thoughts here are to defend and ask
for feedback on what are some of the best Canadian Bands you
think are out there. I have lately (as in the past couple of years)
grow a love for the band Stabilo. I have included their link and
hope you will enjoy their sound as much as I do.

p.s check out the "Kidding Ourselves" video on yahoo music videos


Soul Train said...

Hey Jenny,

Just checked out the Stabilo website and they are not too bad. If you want another really good Canadian band check out My Sister Ocean at and their music at

The dude on percusion is my cousin Eugenio (from my dad's side of the family). Let me know what you think.

Peace out,

P.S. Are you still heading to South America?????

Adopted Bluth said...

Anyone who says there arent any good canadian bands either 1. Doesnt listen to good music or 2. Doesnt know where some of the bands are from.

I cant even begin to name the amazing CA bands out there but one in particular is really changing the sound of indie rock and that is The Arcade Fire.

Glad to see that you've entered the ranks of bloggers, JMay. :-)

McKay said...

Sweet Jenny-May,

Hey who helped you get into the blogger thing? Looks great keep the stuff coming.