Monday, January 14, 2008

Man Bag, Man Purse, Murse???

Which one is it really???

So my boyfriend Adam has been talking about how we as
women have the advantage when it comes to the "purse" and
how he used to be jealous of the purse and the many different
colours and styles and how lately he feels as though he has too
many things to carry around. He has of late, gone for the more
slightly fitted style which has also made the carrying of certain
articles more difficult. So I have been in search of a nice
"Man bag". We have found a nice one in a local store for a lovely
price of 159.99 which is a beautiful leather over the shoulder bag
which is actually long enough for his tall "figure". Anyone have
ideas for a nice man bag where Adam can keep his "things"??
Thus far he has listed for the carrying around items...
...cell phone
...sticky note pad (um yeah he is a teacher.. not sure if that is a
valid excuse or if he just likes to make random lists of things to do)
...his new camera - to be ever ready for a great shot
...water bottle
...a magazine or book (for the just in case he has a moment
to read moment)
...and one more reason he wants one.. So he does not have to carry
home his laptopish bag from school after work when he does not
really need it, so not to make his coworkers annoyed that he
finished all his "work" at work.

One second thought, with all those things, maybe he should look
into getting a messenger bag instead. Not as pretty but a lot
cheaper for me.

So there it is


Boyfriend said...

As someone who also thinks women have an unessesary "socially acceptable" advantage with long baths, moisturizing creams, and delicious cocktails, I am perfectly fine with this public blog. (Full disclosure: I love baths, unscented creams, and yummy drinks) I will, however, point out that my jealousy has nothing to do with the "colours and styles" of their purses. (I also think $160 is WAY too much for her to spend) I'm looking for substance over style and hoping someone can help. How else will I be able to take self pics of myself being extra organized (and well hydrated)

AdAm :)

Jenny May said...

I have been corrected. I guess I took what he said about all the
colours and styles out of context.
I stand corrected and actually grateful that my boyfriend was not
jealous of the colours and styles.

Bess said...

As someone who has been looking for a suitable man bag for quite a long time I can say that $150 is pretty reasonable for something of quality and style. Micah's bag is working great right now but it won't be around for the long haul. I say go for it if you both love it. If you don't love it then don't do it.

Jenny May said...

I do agree..
It is a beautiful bag.
I have added photos now to
be able to see and a link.
They have beautiful stuff..

Edgy said...

Personally, I like the messenger bag. Which might be why I have 3. It's not that many really, when you consider their varying degrees of casualness. And pockets are your friend.

(Oh, and greetings from Utah. It's been a while since we've chatted. Hope you're well.)