Sunday, December 16, 2007

Malaysian HEAT

So, many of you know my brother and I just returned from
Kota Kinabalu Malaysia just this week. It was an adventurous
and interesting trip. Many things took place which started with
my brother and I enjoying first class flight seats to China..
We spent a night in Beijing, a night in Hong Kong where we
enjoyed walking around the Hong Kong island area, in the local
markets. We tried to get a picture taken with a little local lady
and she freaked out at us for trying to take her picture.
Final stop after a nice flight with DragonAir - Kota Kinabalu
where we met some nice heat, and a fabulous staff at the Hyatt
Regency. It was nice being treated so well, and it made me
realize, we as North Americans, have ZERO idea how to treat
customers even if they are not the "premiere" customer.
The golf course was beautiful, the weather some would consider
very beautiful, but extremely HOT. I however, was not missing
all the snow we were getting back home.
The caddy job was not so bad, though I could have rung out my
clothes after each round it was more than worth the trip.
The local food was interesting but tasty, and I enjoyed the
amounts of local fresh fruit, and fresh fruit drinks.

So after another night spent in Hong Kong (shopping the local
markets this time) a 14 hour flight (after a couple hour delay)
with 4 movies watched, a connection in Toronto and we finally
arrived in Saint John with a 56Celcius degree difference in
temperature. I did not bring back the same illness as my last
trip to China, but I did come back with a bad cold - a much better

All in All - A great trip, and a wonderful opportunity to see another
new part of the amazingly large, yet small world.

Our Hotel room in Hong Kong - big eh? Actually a
four star hotel in Kowloon City..

The Golf Course Sutera Harbour in Kota Kinabalu

Our view from the Hotel in Kota Kinabalu

View from the hotel balcony

Another view from the balcony of the China Sea

Some random guy in Hong Kong

The high class restaurant Bud ate at in
Hong Kong - tasty though

Our new friend - Mr Ugly Crab

Our second choice of restaurants - look tasty?

I know - I need to put more photos of the trip up

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chantelle brade said...

WOW...looks like a fun place to are quite the traveller. Great pictures to. MERRY CHRISTMAS