Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Gift for DAD

My father is a wonderful man, and always had done so 
much for us kids.. Especially me this past couple of years..
He has been wanting a new TV so badly!  A flat screen 42
inch LCD TV.. 
SO my husband and I decided to do something my family
never had done for Christmas... Get a big GIFT!  We worked
hard at making sure it was a surprise... Mom worked hard
at telling him to wait for the TV and finding out what he 
wanted, and I rounded up my siblings to make everyone

It was the perfect surprise (of course a close second after
tell them we are having TWINS the day before!) and we 
caught it on video!


The Nelson Family said...

Oh that video was priceless!!! You have to love big tv's......we got a 46" one last year and now I want a bigger one to hang on the wall in my bedroom......that will have to wait though.....hope you had a great Christmas!!! Next year will be super fun for you guys with the twins!!!!

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...

That is so husband watched it like three times and laughed just as hard every time.