Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bouncing Makes Me Happy Video

At least bouncing certainly makes Charlotte VERY happy.  She has decided in the past couple of weeks to just go nuts.  It is funny when she starts to get cranky she will bounce and be happy, stop and start crying, realize where she is and then start bouncing again... Ruby sometimes just looks at her like she has three heads!

Please ignore the TV in the background.. Football was on!


Laura Beth said...

Oh Jenny, I loooove your babies. They keep getting cuter and cuter and look like they have such fun personalities. If you are ever in Halifax I want to meet them and play!! I will even babysit them for a couple hours if you want time to go shopping or something.. I can't wait to have twins in my family to cuddle to bits and pieces!! haha

The Full Nelson said...

oh so cute! That bouncing made me happy!! I love when babies figure out how to really have fun bouncing and enjoying their toys.