Thursday, January 28, 2010

At least I am priority over the CAT

So the girls have a deep fascination with the CAT.
I would venture to say they obsessed with the CAT.
He really is a great cat and so good with letting the babies crawl around and chase him around the room and not even mind when they make their attempt at petting him, and they give him a good boink on the kitty cat head of his.  Watching how excited they get is very CUTE!

They have taken such a love for the cat they even decided to start saying CAT every time they see the cat or we mention the word cat.. It is very cute to hear them talk.  Ruby pronounces the "ca" very softly and then comes the much more significant "T" sound..

I love my girls and am very happy that as much as they love saying the word CAT, they still love saying Momma more!

Here are a couple of IPhone shots of the cat Chance!

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The Full Nelson said...

karington loves out cats too. So cute to see babies interact with them