Sunday, January 03, 2010

Teeth photo

The girls seem to be growing so fast and I have to remind myself somedays that they were such tiny premies and that they really are only 7 months and not 9 months old when it comes to development.
They are finally both sitting up on their own and able to get from the sitting position to the laying down without always falling over to get there :)

Ruby has cut her first two teeth and Charlotte has one through and the other one being stubborn.
Some people say that they never really notice a change in their babies when they teeth.. Well to them I say, please do not ever tell me that again... No mother of twins wants to know that your baby did not show any cranky behavior or be more clingy while they were teething.. Yes, I am happy for you, and NO I do not want you to tell me AGAIN just how you never noticed the teeth were through until you saw them..

So with no further delay... introducing teeth number 1 and 2 for Ruby Jane


Anonymous said...

Congrats cute girls. Marley is cutting her top teeth and she has been clinging to me the whole time. My conclusion is that girls are just more sensitive!

Tams said...

Cutest girls!

Let's do catch up soon!

Deborah said...

They are seriously so adorable! Abbi has been weird with teething - they don't bother her until they have just cut through the skin and are barely peeking out. From that point until they are all the way through, she's not a happy camper. Too bad teething lasts SO long!