Saturday, January 02, 2010


So I have decided to take my "Confessions of an Emotional Eater" to it's own blog.  I am going to try to write each day how I feel and things I over come and things which cause me to break and steps I am taking to eat healthier and be healthier and be happier about myself...
It will be brutally honest and probably embarrassing for me to tell at times, but I think it will help me to keep on track and to figure out how to break this terrible cycle I am spinning in!
So come join me, feel free to post comments, and if you would love to share your own confessions I am more than happy to make you part of the blog so you can try to break the cycle with us..
It is meant to lift us up and help, but at the same time a place to be honest and to "confess" our habits and secrets of eating!!

So add me to your list, or follow me... I certainly will be able to use all the support I can get, and I know others of you out there could too!!!!


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