Thursday, January 07, 2010


We love our "small" Christmas Tree..  simple, plain, white lights.. red ribbon and pine cones..
The girls also LOVE the lights and they look for me to turn it on every time we come into the living room (Yes we still have our tree up)..

We actually do not want to take our Christmas Tree down (and yes it is fake my husband is allergic to real ones)!


We have decided to turn it into a HOLIDAY TREE..

We shall see how this goes..


Next stop.. Dollar store for some Valentines.. some hearts and ribbon..
Oh, and Cupid on top!!! 

I will post pictures when we have it finished..

I KNOW it is a Silly idea... but we love the way the LED lights look, and the babies LOVE the tree!

(On a side note.. I hate watching TV in the total dark and my husbands hates with the lights on.. So compromise.. We turn the tree on and we are both happy.. who would ever want to disturb the happiness around Television watching in our home??)

Care to join us??


The Blakeney's said...

i was hoping for a picture of this fabulous tree?!

Roth Family said...

I think this is a great idea. I love looking at trees with lights too:)

The Super Seven said...

I think it's a fantastic idea, I've actually heard of it being done before.....if only I still had my fake tree.....can't wait to see pictures of can do Saint Patricks Day for March.....Easter for much fun you will have!!!

Tams said...

I didn't know there was someone else out there allergic to Christmas trees! I knew I liked him the moment we met... :)