Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Love and Marriage go together like Pistachio and Cherry

So if you sing the title the right way, and with some
practice, it can work to the title song from Love and
Marriage.Lately I have been thinking about how much I truly
enjoy ice cream, and started thinking about how much
a persons favourite ice cream may possibly reflect
their relationship styles or history. With that said,
I thought I would test the theory and see what a few
of my friends think.. this is just a test.. and I just thought
it was a little funny interesting..So what is your favourite
ice cream type.. and what do
you think it might say about you???

Below is what some of my friends have said thus far

Niels from Denmark- Rocky Road (which he and his
friends say is a true reflection of his
relationship history)

Steve (first met when he was in Spain but now
in Utah) Loves just about all different types of ice cream
everything but coffee flavoured types... hummm
I have first hand knowledge he just loves women :)

Patrick(Nova Scotia Canada) - (I need to be careful here)
His response ..Do not really have one...
no comment from me!!!

Brendo (first met in Boston now in Utah)
- Half baked.. once again no comment I wish
not to assume ALL of his relationships have been with
"half baked" type ladies..

Ray (Toronto, Canada) -
Like it but not really a big deal (did I mention he was
single ladies...??? I wonder if you could be the big deal?)

Nicole (Portland Oregon)
- World Class Chocolate by Baskin Robins
-Let me tell you she is world class all the way

Kris Oddy - Ottawa Canada, and I quote
"I like it but not really one more before another.
I tend to think of it as a garnish"

SO, with that said (and I mean this all in fun)
ME, Jenny - New Brunswick, Canada
vanilla bean
Simple but smooth and with a little bite!!!

Whats your ice cream style??

Monday, December 11, 2006

Turning 29 was not so scary

SO my life has quickly been flying by and this year
has been no exception. I have traveled to new parts
of the world... made new friends, seen old friends..
laughed.. cried..played.. and so many more things.
So last week the 4th of December was my 29th
birthday. It came and went without a lot of fanfare.
The girls had planned a little get together however,
the snow and freezing rain kept me inside all night.
I spent hours chatting with friends online, family on
the phone and giggling all the while. I thought it might
be a bit tougher turning 29.. but really it was not a
whole heck of a lot different than 28. Next year
perhaps will be a heck of a lot harder.. the big 30.
Sorry I don't have any fun photos of the birthday
to show.. but I thought I'd say thank you to everyone
who called to wish me happy birthday.
Love you guys..