Friday, January 12, 2007

"NAME" that Song

So there are a lot of women in my office who are pregnant
right now and we have been discussing names. I mentioned
I somehow love the name Forrest and they all started laughing
somewhat uncontrollable. I never found the name all that
amusing, however I quickly realized that by having the name
Jenny, I would set my child up for a lot of teasing. Though I
argued that Forrest Gump references would be long gone by
the time my child was old enough to be teased, they still said
he would get the teasing regardless. (Then again I figured that
the references when I introduced myself as Jenny would have
stopped long ago, perhaps a reason I started going by JennyMay)
So it got me thinking to how common certain names are in
the movies and music. What did I do, I went to ITUNES
and put the name Jenny in a search for songs, and boy was I
surprised how many songs have the name Jenny used in it.
I guess having a common name would bring about such and
occurrence. So here is the question... what is your name and
what is your favourite movie or song which has your name in it??

Let me start... Well obviously J-Lo's Jenny from the block..
ok so maybe not - cheesiest is Barry Manilow
(Jenny) You're my only Girl..


Ryan said...

Sadly, not many songs. Maybe the score from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" and of course that movie.

We have been getting some interesting reactions when we tell people our son's name will be Finn, but I'm happy about that. If I here another twenty something name their child Aiden, Addison, Jackson, or Madison I think I'm going to hurl. :-)

Miss May said...

I can't believe you picked Finn.
Talk to any of my friends around here and family for that matter and they will tell you that is the first name on my list. Good thing we live in different countries :) I still might be able to get away with the name. Though I might have to convince my "husband" of the name. Though Finn is in a movie, "Great Expectations".
There is a cheesy little jingle with your name called -Ryan.. Gennaro sings it from the Bubblebee.. it does exist. Dennis DeYoung has a song called SouthBound Ryan...also.. as I keep going, there is a song called Ryan the Giant... I should not know this, well I did research first names way back when. Do you remember when I made the CD for the activities committee with songs from our first names and our favourite song from a movie? I have it somewhere still.. the only song I remember being on it was from Fronce.. If I could be like Mike .. if only we could all be a little bit more like Mike :)

Bess said...

Jenny I got your number....867-5309
by Tommy Tutone

I agree with Ryan about the overkill of all of those names. I teach primary and two of those names are in my class plus Madeline. I do have a kid named Fischer though. I like that.

I don't know any songs with Bess except for the musical Porgy and Bess. Also a band called 'The Band" has a song 'Cripple Creek' and the name Bessie is in it. No one seems to long for a Bess though.

Miss May said...

For as uncommon as Bess is.. you will be interested to learn of the "Bess Bistro" of Sandra Bullocks.

I think I will try to send you there someday Bess... She is pregnant.. maybe she will name her child Bess :)

I would not know what it would be like to have a unique name, so consider yourself lucky...

Ryan said...

Wow! That is cool! We actually got the name from a woman that is in my program who named her son Finn and we thought it was a really cool name. Evidently its as common in Ireland as John is here.

Anonymous said...

The BEST Jenny song EVER is, of course, the eighty's classic entitled "Jenny". But you probably know the chorus better, which goes: "eight, six, seven, five, three, oh, ni-eeyan!"

dad said...

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