Sunday, September 09, 2007

House Buying

So on the 21st of This month I am going to close.
That statement might not have made a lot of sense to me not all
that long ago. However, as I have discovered, when I tell people
those words, they all get really excited for me and ask if there is
anything they can help with.
So Yes, on the 21st of this month I will officially be the proud owner
of my first "place". I will no longer be paying someone else's mortgage
and will now be so broke I cannot come and visit any of you
anymore :) As my sister said about her place before, I have the
"ugly" spot in the good part of town. It really is not ugly, but with
zero curb appeal I am going to have to take care of. 28 years old and
no one has thought about planting any trees, or flowers, but thankfully
they did plant grass.
Its a three bedroom 2 storey "town house" but not really a town house
they call them semi-detached now. I have a decent back yard
(for being right in the city and a short walk to work).. enough that
I can plant a nice garden and sit on the deck and wish that the place
came with a pool in the summer. I will now be responsible for
shoveling out my own driveway and do not live close enough to mom
and dad (like 45 minutes) for them to shovel me out.
I plan to do some cutifying (and yes it is my made up word) to the
inside and it only holds two colours - white and this odd blue. I am
presently deciding between an orange or a yellow kitchen. I have
things which would go really nice with both. I would not put all the
walls yellow or orange, but would have a great time adding lots of
colour to the house.
I am excited to get one of the bedrooms set up as a designated
massage therapy room and just as excited to be able to start using
my skills more often. Sadly, but I think of the things I am the most
excited about is having a closet in my bedroom. Something that I
do not have right now as this beautiful apartment is in a very
old house..

So here is where I need some help...
Trying to decide on colours for the bathroom, spare bedroom and also
for my own bedroom. Basically the entire inside of the house needs to
be painted. So any ideas, send them my ways.. Any tips, send them
my way.. All in all it has been an interesting, slightly scary, and very
exciting process.

I will get some pictures soon.. and show the progress of the cutifying
the inside of the house...


Ryan said...

Congrats! We are starting the house hunt in a few months (waiting to see what the market is going to do.) We are really excited to start actually applying all that we've learned on the home shows we watch.

PS You misspelled color in your post. ;)

Bess said...

Don't you have a link to the listing so we can at least see a couple of pics.

Suz, Nathan & Kye said...

Congrats! That is super exciting! Beware fixing up you house can be one of the "funnest" addiction you will have. Our kitchen is yellow and we love it, it really brightens things up. Hope you have fun in you new "howoose".

chantelle brade said...

congrats...your a big girl now.
Where are you living at nowadays?

Jenny May said...

I am still in Saint John.
Just working away and doing my
thing. The house stuff has been
really fun, but really tiring.
The painting is making a huge
difference and I am excited to
have it all finished. I move in
the rest of my things on Thursday
and will sleep there for my first
night on Thursday.
What about you?

chantelle brade said...

I am in Halifax...but I am moving to Mexico City in December. To be with my boyfriend. We will be getting married in may in the San diego temple. He is planning on doing his masters in clinical pshycology at BYU provo, so we will be living there for a few years and then we will go wherever he gets a job. Exciting times ahead for me.
How was your first night sleeping at your new home?