Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I got an IPHONE 3G...
I debated but mostly for only one reason.
I have my cell phone through Rogers, and Adam has his
through Alliant.   WELL - Rogers is the only carrier in Canada
who is going to be carrying IPHONE's for a while and well as
much as I wanted an IPHONE (and I do love her) Adam I am
sure wanted one more.. We are waiting for the family plans to
come out and for him to find someone who would like to take
over his amazing plan with Alliant he has had for YEARS.

SO for the time being, I am nice and let him play on mine.
I love it... I really should not love it as much as I do... but I do.


Ryan said...

I LOVE mine and that love doesn't ever would almost say it's eternal. :-) Welcome to the iPhone family.

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...

I love it too...I want one alot. I was playing with my friends iphone, and I fell in love with it.
one day I tell myself, one day.

Wedding is coming up fast, are you excited or what?

Bkay said...

So, I am really excited to have found you again. I don't blog, I know, I am really behind the times...but I do email once in a while! I would love to catch, I have no idea what an iphone is! I am always behind! Here is my email.

JaNece said...

Oooh, lucky! Pat has had his eye on these phones for awhile! Gotta love technology these days. By the way, I'm so glad you love Jacob, too! Good luck with the wedding coming up!!! Yahooooo!

::kacy:: said...

i have been considering getting one. is it really worth it?

Jenny May said...

My fiance and I both love our IPhones.. I do have
not any regrets on the purchase..
I love the weather feature and also the calendar
feature the most...