Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Vacation from life PLEASE

Have you ever beat a toy moose against the wall and felt better for doing it, or even laughed when each time you hit the wall the little squeaker would squeak?  No, well I did yesterday, and lets be honest all this week I could have used the same technique and perhaps felt a little better.

The twins are teething, both have colds and both won't let me leave their line of sight without crying.
I can't go anywhere without total meltdowns it seems, and I feel like I am loosing myself.  Add to all of it, my wonderful time of the month and I am feeling like I am going to loose my mind AGAIN!
Don't get me wrong... I LOVE my babies and they are wonderful and precious and oh so very cute, but when I am wanting nothing more than to sit down and eat breakfast and all I get are two screaming babies because they can't see mom anymore, that LOVE is still there, but somehow gets moved aside to almost be replaced by YOU ARE MAKING ME CRAZY love. 

Most mothers of twins tell me that it gets easier when they are one....others tell me when they are two...
I need someone to tell me when they are 9 months because 4 more months of this, and I might truly be an insane woman by the end of it.


Anonymous said...

I am slowly learning that everythingwith little ones goes by fast and comes in waves. Marley is terrible when she is teething, but it passes. And she was really clingy, but that has gotten better. She has been crawling for a few weeks and that makes life easier. Something new is always stimulating. So you may get busier, but the babes will probably be happier. Are the girls doing finger foods yet? I stick Marley in her exersaucer and let her feed herself well I eat all my meals. She'll stay in there forever if she has got something to snack on. Hang in there I can't imagine two babies at once!

Lindsey said...

you are amazing. and beautiful.

Deborah said...

I seriously admire you doing it with 2. I struggle with 1 sometimes! You are amazing, though, and the bad days always pass!