Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So not only have the girls taken to blackberries... CHARLOTTE has taken to the "earth"
Sunday we were outside playing in the grass and digging in the flower bed and Charlotte keep eating the dirt by the handfuls!  Not only did she like the dirt, she was licking it off the little shovel she had in her hand.  I tried to stop her but I guess she just found it way too delicious!  Today, I could not keep her from eating - well not eating, LICKING my shoes... my slippers, my flip-flops!  Oh what an odd little girl!

What is the worst thing you, or your kids have eaten????


Rob said...

our kids have eaten crayons, erasers, dirt, sand, probably some for of plastic. pretty much anything that can be swallowed.

The Conner Clan said...

My little girl likes to lick the bottoms of shoes too! I thought she was the only one...it kind of grosses me out but I guess all I can do is take them away from her and wait till this phase passes.

Deborah said...

Abbi is totally a dirt eater as well. I've given up on trying to do yardwork with her by my side because all she wants to do is eat dirt and rocks and sticks. But it wasn't a surprise - she tries to eat just about everything! I have to watch her like a hawk at the grocery store because she tries to put her mouth on the cart. YUCK!

kanishk said...

Enjoy being home! That sounds very Air Canadaish.
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