Thursday, December 02, 2010

It is Happening

It is happening, the house is starting to look a little like Christmas.  We have put up our new tree (Thank you Costco) and the only thing we have on it right now are the lights (prelit) red ribbon and pine cones.  Adam and I both love the tree as it is, so I think this year we are going to forgo putting the ornaments on the tree.  Mostly because we love it as it is, but also because I think the girls would have fun taking them all off!  If you look closely at the photo you can see an area where the girls helped me put the bows on and they are all in one spot..

We also hung our Stocking sign.  I got this new this year and I love it.  Especially since we do not have a spot to put our stockings.. last year we put them on the piano but that was not really that much fun!  I have three more stockings to add to the holder when I actually put ribbon on them to hang them.  I made them last year but I think I might make some new ones as they were a really quick job!

I love Christmas in our home.. Not because of the gifts (though it will be fun to watch the girls sort of open them this year and Jazzy will be so much fun!  It really though has to do with how much happier people seem to be this time of year!


The Conner Clan said...

What a cute sign to hang your stockings on! I wish we could find something like that because we're stumped on where to hang our stockings this year.

Tamara Moses said...

I love your tree the way it is too. So simple yet striking!!