Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Half Price

So I was on a sportswear website trying to find a new pair of
running shoes and I noticed the sale area. As any woman
would do, I quickly clicked the link and up popped all the sale
products. To my shock and horror a lot of the sale items
were on New England Patriots "items". I sort of laughed, and
then realized that this was the first time I had really gotten
into Football, even took an amazing trip down to the Gillette
stadium for the home opener and had a wonderful time.
Adam is a HUGE Patriots fan, ask him about it sometime
and he will tell you he has not missed watching a game in
something like 10 years. So as I was watching the Superbowl
(and yes I am late on this post) I was shocked, but mostly to
realize I was seriously disappointed and that somewhere
during the season I became a Patriots fan.

I suppose now I have to tuck away the pink hoodie I got
while at the Stadium and wait for the shock to wear off.
Though I may becoming a Patriots fan, I am not ready to
take the riducule of being a Patriots fan for this season..
If I take too much more I just might have to switch to
GreenBay and side with my father. After all, Brady may
be young and attractive... But Favre will always be Favre.

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