Tuesday, May 20, 2008

80 Days to Go

So I thought I was doing really well on planning the wedding
and thinking I was taking care of a lot of things...
THEN I went onto my "theknot" website where I had been
updating the guest list and there was an alert of 80 days to
go and a check list of things I should have already finished or
been working on. I was behind (according to them) on 88
things... That seemed like a lot of things to be behind on when
I thought Adam and I were on top of things...
Do brides really try to figure out what they are doing with their
hair three months before???
Has another out there ever purchased Wedding insurance?
What would that be for???? In a severe case of cold feet, does
one of us get all our money back we put into the wedding???

So either I am doing a really bad job at planning this wedding
or a really great job because I don't feel stressed about anything.
I am a few unanswered questions in my head..
For instance how the music is going to be dealt with at the
reception for the dance.... Do we hire a full on DJ or do we just
have a fantastic play list going on the lap top???
Just what specific types of Candy am I going to have at the
candy bar (so those of you coming ((and even if you are not
and have a fun suggestion...)) if you have a favourite you
might want to give me your reasons behind why I should
pick your favourite candy)
I have questions about what the third Thai dish option will be..
We know for sure Pad Thai, Matsuman Curry and we have
not decided on the third, we are thinking Mango Chicken...
We can't seem to make up our mind about what type of cake
to have....

SO maybe I'm not as far ahead as I thought I was...


Adam McKim said...

My vote is that you're doing a really great job if your stress level is indeed low about all of this. The fact that we have options instead of blanks should make it all fall into place as soon as we make a few more decisions.

For the public record of this blog, people should know that you are (so far) the very opposite of a Bridezilla and, if I may say so myself, a wonderful choice for a bride.

Oh... and I also vote for Nerds, Chews, and Sweet Tarts.


p.s. Stop reading "theknot" :)

Bess said...

Sour patch kids
Circus Peanuts
Good n Plenties
Sour Grapefruits

Jenny May said...

Circus Peanuts have already secured
a spot on the table...
Sour Patch Kids are on the maybe..
Depending on where we can find them..
Caramels - Costco has a great price
on them and so they will be there
as well...
Good n Plenties... Not sure.. there
will be something like that.. Maybe Goodies instead.. I want something
licorice there...
Sour Watermelons might have to replace you desire for Grapefruits.

Adam - I suppose I need to put one
of your choices on there.. However it won't be nerds because those are
too big to fit easily into a container.. Chews.. not really a top pick of mine.. But sweat tarts
I can definitely put on the list..

Keep them coming..

Oscar and Chantelle said...

my vote is dots, m and m's, and gummi bears.

I think you are doing a swell job. Don't stress to much about what the rich people do as well as the stupid stuff.

congrats and I can't wait to see pics.