Saturday, May 24, 2008


I would assume most of you who actually read my blog, know
I have been working what I thought would be a great way to
have more time with my fiance and friends, turned out to
just be a disaster for myself and my mind and body and sleep.
I am not referring to some recent addiction to drugs.. Even
WORSE.. I have been on 6 months of over night shifts.
Going to work at 930 pm and getting off at 6am has not been
my best friend. I sleep - but never all that great and the
weekends when I am off I drag my feet the whole time trying
to adjust my body enough to peel myself out of my most
comfortable bed for church when my body knows full well I
should be sleeping soundly. I'm not sure if I have learned
anything new in Sunday School the past while and I think the
children in Primary wondered why I was not my overly
happy self to be with them teaching Sharing Time... (No
worries I was still very much perky and happy to spend my
time with them).

All this to say that tonight (and I suppose there are benefits
like times when it is not busy and I can add a blog entry)
Is my last over night. I was extremely excited I had to share
my excitement... SO, seeing how I love Ice-cream. I decided
what better way to celebrate than picking up a Dairy Queen
Ice cream cake?

I will sadly admit mine did not have a TNMT on it..
Instead it was full of pretty lavender flowers.
My co-workers were more than happy to share in my cake
and my enthusiasum for my finaly night.
I have had fun working with the over night crews who for
the most part pick this schedule because it works for them.
I however, miss my day friends.
So next week I am off to Utah for a quick visit to my
family and to be a part of my dear friend Paul's wedding
to his beautiful bride to be Lindsey... then back to work
during the day time hours..
So not only will I be super happy to be on a normal
schedule.. I think my fiance (I KNOW) he will be more
than happy... My Cat - though he sleeps all the time anyway.
My running partner and Matron of Honour Stephanie -
I've been good the past while going at 6am for a runs at
the nature park, but it will be so much nicer to do so when
I'm rested and not dreaming of sleep...
My Sunday school teacher so I might be more attentive..
God, because lets face it my prayers after my over night
shifts ended many times with me waking up with a kink in
my neck asleep...
My neighbours, because I might be motivated more to
dig the weeds out of my flowers and finally getting around to
painting my front door..
Last but not least, my stomach.. Its been confused for 6
months now when it is suppose to be hungry and when it is
To all of you who work the "graveyard" shift and do not wish
to.. My deepest Sympathy
To all of you who enjoy working the shift - You are nuts..


Rob said...

i hear ya!! i think the graveyard shift is the most horrible thing you can do to your body. the stomach thing...that is what i hated the most about it.

Oscar and Chantelle said...

I HATE HATE HATED the night is the worst thing in the world.

The Nelson Family said...

So happy to read that you get to join the normal work world again. I couldn't imagine working overnights and how much that would suck. I don't know if I would be able to sleep in the days.....guess it would be hard having 4 kids.......can't wait to see pictures of all the projects you will get done now;)