Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jazzy Turns TWO

I know I am really behind at posting, but I am lucky some days
to get out of bed, let alone take the time to post my daily
happenings, which are not too interesting these days unless
you find talking about sleeping and throwing up interesting.

So Jazzy has turned 2..  It is hard to believe she is only 2 with
all she says and does.  We just had a small get together with a
couple of her friends and some family.  

We also told Jazzy that I was pregnant.  She seemed to 
understand and said the baby was playing hide and seek.
We are going to try to prepare her for a baby as she is very
much the centre of everyones attention and I actually am a 
bit nervous for the transition.

Here are a few photos from her birthday...
She LOVES dragons, and absolutely loved her little people


Nicole Wagner said...

Who is Jazzy??? do you have another child I don't know about????

Deborah said...

what a cutie!

Jenny May said...

Nicole...Silly you.. She is my step daughter.

Nicole Wagner said...

awesome. how did I not know this? I always wondered what the "soon to be three" meant...but thought it was b/c you were prego! lol
i'm such a blonde!

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...


Brandon, Dee Anne, & Boston said...

Wow, Jenny Maaaaaay, I had no idea you were prego. Congrats! I sure hope your morning sickness is getting better, because if it's anything like my wife's, then you might as well just sleep slumped over the toilet (slight exaggeration). Both times she's been pregnant she's had miserable first trimesters. But take courage, both times it passed fairly quickly after she entered her second trimester. I hope you get some relief. Anyways, I'm so very happy for you and your husband, and I hope Jazzy enjoyed her birfday. I wish you guys all the best.