Sunday, January 25, 2009

Introducing Baby Girl A

Adam and I had a little bit of a small scare on Thursday 
night, but before I mention anything, everything is just
fine and the babies are doing very well.

Just before going to bed on Thursday I noticed a bit of
bright red bleeding.  I wasn't totally alarmed because I
know it happens, but I also know that the bright red is
the bad kind to have.  So, I called my sisters to see if they
had anything like it and Bess was the only one home and
she advised to go in just to be safe.  I called the Telecare
line they have in Canada which is a registered Nurse who
takes your info and symptoms and history and helps you
determine your best course of action.  She did not think 
it was anything to worry about, but also advised us to go
into the hospital just to make sure, especially where I am
carrying twins.

So, at 1030 at night, Adam and I drove the long minute or
two up the road to the hospital.  They do not mess around
when you come in pregnant past 20 weeks.  We were up
to the labor and delivery right away.  Actually, they left 
Adam to register me while they wheeled me away in a 
wheelchair.  They immediately set me up with those
fetal assessment things, though they had a really hard time
getting much from them because they were SO active.

Lucky for me the Labor and Delivery Doctor on call at the
hospital is one of the multiples specialists.  So after a bit of
laying there with the monitors on, having played Eye Spy,
and a mean game of 20 questions, we were off to see him.
We ended up getting a full ultrasound that night.  He really
was just to check the heartbeats and cervix but since we 
were already there he asked if he could do the 
measurements as well.  We certainly did not mind.
The babies were SO active that they actually completely
traded places by the time he finished the ultrasound.  It 
was to watch on the TV.. He confirmed 98% that one of 
them is a girl, but the other kept opening and closing their
legs, and they were faced away from us towards my back.
So far one of them is breech but obviously since they have
been moving so much he is not concerned about that at
this point.
To our surprise he was trying to find the membrane 
which would separate the two but after an extensive 
search he was unable to find one.  It does not mean that
there is not one there, but both ultrasounds they had a
really hard time and this time nothing, so there is a very
high possibility they will be identical twins if they can't
somehow find the membrane.  Also, it means higher risk
for the girls as they progress and closer monitoring for 

I am glad we went in, even if I felt like I was being the
super paranoid first time mom.  They gave us many 
reasons for the bleeding but their most likely solution,
as it stopped, was a broken blood vessel.  It makes sense
as I had a bit of a coughing spell just before going to bed.

The Doctor was not able to get a great shot of Baby B, 
but he did give us a nice profile shot of Baby A..

So... With no further delay..
Introducing Baby Girl A

She is the slightly bigger of the two at 1 pound 2 ounces
over her sister at 1 pound 1 ounce!
It is still early as we are 23 weeks today, but it was a 
nice peace of mind that they are growing healthy and
in the 33% for a uno as they call it.  So yes they are 
somewhat small if there was just one, but normal for
the fact there are two.

We are getting more and more excited as they days
and weeks pass by.  Though we really don't have 
anything ready, not even the room painted yet, we 
are very much looking forward to them getting here,
but are in no hurry as we want them to stay in there
as long as possible.


Deborah said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is ok! I know I've freaked out over a few things - and I'm sure I'd be even worse with twins! Hopefully they can confirm Baby B soon and be able to tell if they are identical!

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...

I am SO glad that all is well. You take care of yourself. Your half way there.