Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Traveling To UTAH

So I am not sure if we are crazy, or completely insane, but we are taking the twins to Utah to meet my sisters and their families.. Plus my husband has yet to meet his nieces and nephews and my two brother in laws. We are excited, but a bit anxious for how the girls are going to be on the flights. Also, they are on a WONDERFUL schedule through the night sleeping from between 7-8pm to 6 in the morning... We are worried it is going to throw them off, but we are willing to get to sleep early ourselves and get up with them at 4am if we have too.. It is worth keeping them on their schedule, or as close to it as possible.. Yeah I know, we are probably kidding ourselves and the heat and altitude is going to mess with them, but we are still excited.

I am going to see some off my old roommates Deborah and hopefully Tammy. Also, I just found out today that my friend Ryann (who I spent many many fun times with) is going to be in Utah at the same time so we will get to visit each other as well..

So to anyone else who is going to be in Utah, or is already in Utah, we will be there the 22July - 02Aug.. The first half being spent at my sisters in Roy, and the second half in Springville at my other sisters.. We would love to see you and catch up..

I know I can't leave a post without a photo.. here is Ruby trying out the Jolly Jumper.. They are getting so big...

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