Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Return to the Homeland

We had a wonderful trip with the twins to Utah visiting my family and friends, but we were so happy to get home and sleep in our own beds and have the girls back on their schedule.

I will get some posts up with a few photos from the trip..

First I must say that the girls were SO great on the flights.
Adam and I were not able to sit next to each other because of their only being on extra oxygen mask per seat bank, so my brother who came with us sat with Adam and Ruby and I had Charlotte by myself. It worked so well on the way down that we did the same thing on the way back. The girls really were great.. They barely cried except for the last flight from Toronto to Saint John when they were overtired and I think their ears hurt (at least mine did)

So to start things off, here are a couple photos of the girls from the plane in their seats! Of course they really were sitting with us, but I guess both of us could not resist taking a photo of them in the seat.. (too bad we were using our IPhones and not the real camera)

Thank you again to my family and friends for putting us up and entertaining us while we were all there. We miss you already!


The Bing's said...

so glad to hear that your girls travelled well! It's always nice when it works out for the best! They are both sooooo adorable!

Precia said...

Sorry I missed you! Those girls are getting so chubby. I wish I would have been around to see them in real life! uuh