Friday, August 21, 2009

Babies First Rain Storm

So we just got back from Cap Pele about 2 hours from where we live on a mini vacation. Actually it was a work retreat for my husband and he was in meetings part of the day and then there were groups dinners and socializing. All in all, it was a great time and the babies were excellent for us. We had our own lovely Chalet and the only downside was the HEAT. It has been an extremely HOT AND HUMID week. We are talking about 44Celcius with the humidity.. VERY HOT and the girls were doing well but it was still hot for them. (NO AC).. So one afternoon we had a thundershower pass through and we decided to cool off the girls in the warm rain. It only lasted about 5 minutes at the most but it was enough time for them to cool down and for me to get some cute shots.


Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

So cute! That must have been so fun! I can't imagine weather that hot.

Deborah said...

How cute! they look like they are loving it!